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Themed 'Challenge' Events
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I like the themes and agree with Siki on the player per team working best. : )
Would definitely try to participate next time.
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Alrighty, just to keep talk moving!! How long do you think these events should last? Want to give people enough time to rack up points -- but don't want anyone to get bored?

Also, what sort of prizes would you like to see? The frequency would probably alter the prizes a bit.
two months would be nice i think.
also graphics are always cool, esp like profile trinkets. like first second third place bragging trinkets having to do with the theme. i wouldnt want profile ribbons unless its something general like "participated in" or "placed in" a theme writing event, bc too many LE ribbons bum me out.
The problem with two months, I think, is that people might start to forget about it and interest might peter out. (It would also kind of restrict the type of themes we could use because of seasonality.)

But I'm curious if anyone else has any other thoughts and what kind of timelines might work?

"RoW Quests"

Hmm. So I was browsing around, snoopin' on other RPGs and checking them all out and I got an idea... How about the idea of "Quests" (not as big as a BWP but, a little larger and more story driven than an RE)? These could be individual- or pack-based and are meant for major character development.


Pack/Character needs something. Pack/Character must do X to receive that something.


Method 1: SoW drops (as posted by Staff). Similar to 'hunt threads' where prey is controlled solely by Staff, this Quest has something valuable placed somewhere on the map in an AW thread. I recall these were utilized in the Drought BWP (BWP #1) and would like to see these re-introduced every so often.
  • The first herbs have emerged from the Spring thaw. Packs who utilize botanists/healers may want to send pack members to retrieve these for a prize.
  • A large bull elk carcass has been discovered by a murder of chattering ravens, alerting all and any within the area.
  • An interesting curio (see Tit for Tat list of items?) has been discovered in a certain part of Relic Lore. These will make for interesting gifts to stow away and hoard or give to, say, a potential mate.

Method 2: Character-driven (as conducted by Player). Without Staff involvement, players are encouraged to move their characters on their own, using threads to achieve what their character wants:
  • Need herbs? Character travels in order to find them.
  • Information must be gained? Character must talk to all the right wolves.
  • Want special gift? Character goes on a treasure hunt.
When the player announces what's at stake within thread, their character - through this thread - may attain this item or have it stolen by another wolf...


  • Pack role development and involvement.
  • Increase in character relationships.
  • Creative thinking for pack wolves (who gets sent out on a trip? whose skill sets are better suited for which challenge?).
  • 2-3 Weeks/1-Month Event run maintains interest and drives characters for higher stakes/dire consequences.


  • Individual: Character development puts LP and unique items up for grabs.
  • Pack/Bands of Wolves: Interactions + Stats allow for some planning, sets up interesting threads between wolves who might not have met each other otherwise, and added bonus of having scavenged loot.
  • Contest: The Pack that completes the most Quests receives a prize to share. The wolf that completes the most Quests receives a prize especially for them. Quests may have numbers appointed to them: characters need x amount of Speed/Strength/Stamina (in order to participate); a "level of difficulty" number (must need # of wolves OR # acts as "score" value); each Quest is appointed a number (the higher the score value, the more difficult the task is to achieve, the more points to be earned upon successful completion).
  • "RoW Olympics"/"Gladiator": Pit two wolves together to see who's the best of the best (character limit:2, thread holds something of value to draw characters in: bragging rights, 'medicine', toys for puppies, trophies to stash away, carcass for food and den materials...). Points may be used to utilize this as a Contest.

...may edit/update. Any questions, toss a tag~ Not even sure how to go about this, though, on some levels I think it's basically re-introducing something we've done in the past. :x

Chances are I have a BEN WHISHAW gif for that.
I just want to say i like the character driven quest idea (and it seems like what i wish the grab a plot board actually was)
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Love Grey's ideas : o

I had a thought. At my library they are doing a bingo thing?
Read a book that starts with S, read a book that has a pink cover. Read one with a sibling relationship.

I thought it'd be fun to do a RoW Bingo. Maybe it would be for a season? See who can get an actually bingo by completing threads.

Things like
Thread with a wolf with blue eyes.
Get lost with a wolf who is not your pack mate.
Thread with a wolf whose name starts with A.
Thread with a wolf with black fur, compliment them on it.
Thread with a wolf from " " pack.
Discover a territory with a stranger.

Everyone could put info, I'm sure we could get lots of ideas and than make the actual bingo board?
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are you with me through it all?
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omg omg omg love the bingo one
Ahhh, that bingo idea is super cute! I think I am going to ferret that away and start planning to hopefully have something shortly. As for the character quest ideas...

...casually slides into Grey's DMs.