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Character Will

After one full activity check - went hunting and got turned around in the vast expanse of the lowlands or caught in a mighty storm, not much cause for alarm will return promptly. 
After two full activity checks -  signs of struggle can be noticed at the Gateway to the Rye fields, her past must of found her and there will be obvious signs that she was taken her against her will (blood, tufts of fur, claw marks dug into the ground, ext.)

New Year's Resolutions 2017

For Adelayde: 
  • Bulk up her LP to over 1500 (Starting -- 540)
  • Achieve either Guardian or Advisor role
  • Strengthen relations with everyone in Wrf
For Row:
  • <150 posts with Ade (Starting -- 30) ✓
  • Post at least twice a week 
  • Keep Art Studio open

Character Relationships

  1. Askan1234, 5678910*, 11*
    Friend - I respect and appreciate you as a friend. I will always have your back. 
  2. Drestig123*, 4*
    Friend - Much gratitude for accepting me; Respects greatly 
  3. Craw1
    Enemy - Evil Heathen
  4. Odin12
    Enemy - Evil Heathen 
  5. Kara 1
    Enemy - Devil's spawn (unknown name)
  6. Anaia1
    Indifferent - Good luck over there, hopefully they don't kill you
  7. Saradathia1
    Indifferent - Whitestone wolf 
  8. Icicle12
    Disappointed - You abandoned us without a word. 
  9. Jessie - 12
    Friend - Much respect to you, though want to know you better as well
  10. Phoenix1
    Friend - You are so cute -pinches cheeks-
  11. Everly1
    Unsure - Wish you stuck around longer, so I could get to know Askan's family better 
  12. Remington12
    Disappointed - Wish you would of stuck around longer
  13. Castel1
    Disappointed - Choose a side before vowing anything to someone
  14. Piety 1*
    Acquaintance - Friendly man, would like to get to know more 
  15. Reyes1, 23*
    Unsure - I don't know where we stand. Not sure how to get to know you. Askan's sidekick
  16. Emrys - 1
    Acquaintance - Friendly man, would like to get to know more 
  17. Gent1
    Acquaintance - Friendly man, would like to get to know more 
  18. Kajika - 1*
  19. Rory - 1*
  20. Aytigin - 1*

  1. Laike123*
  2. Interest - how do you make me feel the way you do?
  3. Savion 1*
  4. Lachesis1*
  5. Aleksei1*

* - not archived

Territories Traveled

  1. Turtleback Lake - i swear
  2. Larkcall Lowlands - everything has changed

* - not archived

Current Happenings

Current Location

  • Larkcall Lowlands - Wild Rye Fields


Adelayde spends her mornings:
  • Awake at first light in communal den, if she got to sleep at a decent hour
  • Will sleep in at times if she ran a late patrol the day before and normally is huddled in the same spot close to the entrance or in front of Drestig and Jessie.
  • Runs a border patrol first thing after waking if she is awake at dawn. Stops at the Gateway to catch a quick drink before running last half of border patrol finishing back at the Oak Tree
Adelayde spends her afternoons:
  • Sticks around Oak Tree to play or talk with anyone there. 
  • Returns to her duties by hunting for anything to fill the caches. Normally attempts to find anything south of them to keep prey inside their borders for others. Rarely returns with nothing.
  • After hunting checks tabs on all the caches, noting the numbers for each
  • Lounges at the creek or the den for an hour or convinces Askan to spar with her
Adelayde spends her evenings/nights:
  • If time, will run another border patrol or half
  • Or spends time with packmates
  • Normally will be the resident nightowl, staying up most nights looking at the sky by the creek or on the Lookout. Returns to the communal den as quietly as she can around 10 or 11 pm.
  • If having a particularly hard day, wont return to the den until after midnight and will stick to the outer edges of the den away from anyone
Frequent Travels
  • Adelayde has been taking more frequent scouting trips every two-three weeks. She isn't gone for more than 2-3 days, so it isn't much to become alarmed at or notice if she didn't tell you directly. She tells anyone who asks that she is tracking the caribou herd in the Lowlands. The girl is actually traveling to meet with Laike and to do a little scouting along the way.

Mood/Other Notes

  • Currently apprehensive around Reyan as she isn't sure where she stands with them, though more willing to talk with Askan. She trying to find the right time to find Reyes and talk, but is guilty isn't sure. Also currently doesn't know how she feels about Laike, but seems to be a in pleasant, happy mood because of him. You can find her humming away most days.


Pack Role Proficiency Levels


- Competant 
  1. You've got no one to blame - Spar with Askan (Claimed)
  2. Oh no, anyone but her - Border thread (Claimed)
  3. i'm the hero of the story - Border thread (in progress)
  4. Half a World Away - Border thread (in progress)


- Untrained


- Untrained


- Untrained


- Untrained


- Untrained
  1.  the stable song - (in progress)
Refer to this thread for claimable activities.

Owed Reply Tracker

Listed by priority

  1. the ground taunts my wings - HR to WRF borders
  2. off with their heads! - Askan, Cottongrass
  3. i wonder do you see them too? - Neko
  4. here fishy fishy - Cottongrass
  5. adventure of a lifetime
  6. WRF Pack meeting

Threads to Make


Adike Art:
[Image: EdUo6vP.png]
[Image: Jg3zQMf.png]

Thank you Ace!:
[Image: aryasig1_zpsswqm4bri.png]
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[Image: aryasig2_zpsoxbl5b1t.png]

Thank you Jacqueline!:
[Image: adelayde_zpspdczjjtm.png]
Thank you Namara!

Since she was young, being wild and playful was thought to be shameful in the eyes of the elders of her pack. They tried to teach her to view life as if she was always being judged and scrutinized, but her spirit couldn't give a damn what anyone thought of her. They tried to snuff out the fire that brewed inside of her soul since the day she was born. For a while the elders thought they had succeeded, but the small smoldering embers left behind, manifested into the bonfire that led her to abandon her tribe.

Now here she was. In a foreign land, by herself, with no elders to tell her what she should be doing, how she should be feeling and acting. Here she was free to be herself, to act like herself, and find the freedom she always longed for. Though the traveling wore her body down, it strengthen her mind in ways she would never fully understand. Adelayde saw things she never dreamed of seeing back at home. She not only laid her eyes on a mountain range, but she crossed over it with her own tawny paws. Her breath had been taken from her up there, but it was the most riveting thing she ever felt.

Laying on her back on the sandy lake shore, her muscular legs sky high as her mismatched eyes gazed upon the thousands of stars above her. Humming softly to herself a song her mother used to sing to her at night, she closed her eyes for a moment imagining her mothers soft, delicate face. "And I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky I'll be there," she sung delicately like her mother once used to to her. Humming the next few lines to herself, she continued their song, "For better or worse till death do us part. I'll love you with every beat of my heart." Her song grew a little louder as she continued humming for a few notes. Remembering her mother's face was getting harder and harder as the time passed on, but she could never forget the sound of her voice. "I swear."