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OTMs, Map, LP Clarifications ++
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Big update incoming, please bear with us!

Congratulations Kai and Kajika!

Of the Month Winners January!

You might have seen this coming from the last annoucement, but unfortunately the gift avatars for OTMS will be discontinued. Working full-time has severely restricted my time for making art on top of all my other staff tasks and remaining active. There may be a new kind of reward coming in the future, but for now there will be no art. I'm really sorry for this, as I did enjoy making them! You are all still loved! Kydnt has agreed to step up for the OTM art for the future!


Many of you are probably aware that Kai is an insanely active member, but did you know she made 222 posts by the end of the month? I don't think any one has ever made so many posts in a month in the whole history of RoW, and that in and of itself is commendable! Her actvity, I'm sure, directly inspired many other members to write like crazy and as a result we reached well over 2,000 posts for the month of December (two times our normal amount). She's currently juggling five characters, too, which is a lot to manage. On top of that, Kai has recently started hanging out with all of us on Slack more and her presence is a joy. Congrats, Kai!


Kajika has made leaps and bounds in terms of character development in the last month. In times of hardship for Fallen Tree Cove Kajika was the backbone of the pack, and now that their membership has started to swell again the dark wolf is beginning to come into his role as advisor. There have been many interesting developments with Kajika's relationship with Moonshadow, his mentee, and Tagg, a former member returned. Kajika's conflicted feelings over his friends' budding relationship have kept us all on the edge of our seats--especially now that his former interested Desideria will be returning. Congrats, Kajika!

And congratulations to Grizzly Hollow for winning Pack of the Month! They made 35 posts between their pack thread and other pack activities in the month of January. Please keep in mind that you should only be using the pack tag for:
  • Meetings
  • Hunts
  • Pack Howl
  • Pack Random Event
  • Disputes with other packs (Major ones, i.e. scuffles, fights, confrontations)
  • Pack-wide Training and Lessons
  • Tournaments
  • Pup-meeting
  • New member welcoming
If you would like us to consider other options please let us know.

Map Update

Shadow and I are pleased to announce a brand new fully interactive map of Relic Lore. We've been working on this over the past month and we are so excited to finally unveil it to you all. This map comes with a lot of features such as:
  • Zoom: You can zoom in and out: this definitely adds to the depth of Relic Lore, accurately reflecting the size of our region
  • Scale: In the bottom corner we have a scale! When you zoom in and out the distances will change!
  • Subterritories: You can see exactly where all the subterritories are!
  • Click!: When you click on a subterritory, you can see it's little preview image!
  • Different Maps: You can select the default map or an overlay showing the rough area of the various territories
  • You can toggle all these things!

You may notice some things have shifted around (namely, the packs), but when you zoom in more the packs should be in their proper positions. This map can be updated very easily with new packs or subterritories, making it a favorable alternative to the static image that has to be updated in Photoshop. This means that when you would like to add a new subterritory you can tell us exactly where it goes and we can add it in right away! You will notice at the bottom of the layers toggle there is a option called "Lat/Long" and if you select it you will see a marker appear on the map. When you drag this marker around it will give you the lattitude and longitude coordinates for the marker, and you can provide us with these coordinates for your subterritory. Alternatively, you can use these coordinated to provide your fellow players with the exact location of your thread so that everyone is on the same page!

If you notice any issues with the placement of subterritories, missing, broken, or incorrect images let us know! Also a little disclaimer this map is not mobile-friendly. The old map also wasn't accessible on mobile previously, so this doesn't really change much. For those of you looking for the map on your phones, you can access the various image based maps in the Travelling in Relic Lore article, as these will remain where they are (though they may not be updated as quickly). Let us know if you have any feedback!

LP Clarification: Demonstration Points

This is not a huge change, but we hope that the clarification will get us all on the same page. The expectation for demonstration points was that there would be 12 posts total in the thread and at least 6 about the demonstrated activity (hunting, fighting, etc), but often there was confusion about how posts counted towards the 6 posts. In threads where every character is participating in the same activity, it's very clear that any post they make counts toward the six, but what about in cases like healing where only one participant is actually demonstrating the task? Usually we would count the recipient's posts towards the six, as their posts would make mention of the demonstrating players post (i.e. medicinal things), but in large threads this could sometimes be confusing and, generally, it didn't make a lot of sense.

Going forward, threads will still need to be at least 12 posts in length, but we will only require a character to have 3 posts doing the activity for each character. We will no longer worry about counting another participants posts toward a demonstrated activity. Also, we would like to formally ask that you please make an ooc note marking the specific demonstration posts (for example "Post 1/3 of Scouting). Some of you already do this, and it makes the LP managers jobs a lot easier when we don't have to scour the thread looking for the demonstration posts.If you have any questions or require clarification, please let us know!

Charred Ash Draw

In the middle of the month we welcomed Charred Ash Draw, a new pack in the Wildwood lead by Naira and Triell. This pack is a spiritual successor to the former Swift River and Hidden Tree packs, and a direct offshoot of Oak Tree Bend. Join us in welcoming them!
Kydnt did some avatars for you :)

[Image: jan_emrys_profile_by_kydnt-daxx56h.png]
[Image: jan_emrys_topic_by_kydnt-daxx56f.png]

[Image: jan_kajika_profile_by_kydnt-daxx59v.png]
[Image: jan_kajika_topic_by_kydnt-daxx569.png]
[Image: sahalie_by_loccian_love-dc6mt9c.png]
[Image: sahalie-greypixel01.gif]
Congratulations Kai! <3
Thank you vet.

Thank you so much Kyndt for the avatars you've made him look very handsome.
[Image: qvkpXWl.png]
Please see OOC Profile for OOC Preferences, Thank you.
That map is boss! Great work! :D

Congratulations Kai <3 Gorgeous art Kydnt.

Do you want us to go back retroactively and add the "1/3" to threads that are not yet finished but contain pack role-ingness?
let the stars above shine in your soul
(Feb 05, 2017, 07:32 AM)Ice Wrote:  That map is boss! Great work! :D

Congratulations Kai <3 Gorgeous art Kydnt.

Do you want us to go back retroactively and add the "1/3" to threads that are not yet finished but contain pack role-ingness?

If you want to add them that would be great <3
[Image: sahalie_by_loccian_love-dc6mt9c.png]
[Image: sahalie-greypixel01.gif]
So well deserved, Kai, congratulations <3

That map looks amazing, great job, and the LP clarification is super appreciated, thank you!
[Image: wm_by_euphoriclies-da4medx.png]
congratulations kai <3