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OTMs and Subterritories
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Congratulations Becca and Reyes!

Of the Month Winners for February!

Again, big thank you to Kydnt for the avatars!


Becca recently won Member of the Month in December, but we all love her so much she's back again for February! Becca is a fun presence in the chat and a positive, reliable member. Her activity is off the charts (she beat Kai this last month, which is no small feat) even with so many characters (6). She's a part of so many varied characters and plots and its exciting to see what she has in store for us all this breeding season. Congrats Becca!

Reyes has been stirring up trouble since he arrived in Relic Lore back in August, but one of the best things about him is the depth of relationships he's developed over time. He formed a fast bond with Cottongrass, the loveable yet sort of hopeless Owl Boy soon after appearing on the East side, and it was a lot of fun watching the two of them rove all of Relic Lore. But after nearly half a year of wandering as a loner, Reyes met Askan and in spite of their antagonistic relationship the two really hit it off and Askan finally "put a ring on it" so to speak, bringing him back to Wild Rye Fields. The threads between Reyes and Askan are some of the best ogoing comedy right now, and we definitely can't wait to see more from them!

And congratulations to Fallen Tree Cove for winning Pack of the Month! They made 24 posts between their pack thread and other pack activities in the month of November. Please keep in mind that you should only be using the pack tag for:
  • Meetings
  • Hunts
  • Pack Howl
  • Pack Random Event
  • Disputes with other packs (Major ones, i.e. scuffles, fights, confrontations)
  • Pack-wide Training and Lessons
  • Tournaments
  • Pup-meeting
  • New member welcoming
If you would like us to consider other options please let us know.

Changes to Subterritory Submission

We have decided, now with recent updates to the map and increasing interest in creating subterritories to change the way we go about approving subterritories. As has been pointed out to us, denying territories after the thread has been finished can cause continuity issues, and the staff cannot always monitor threads for unrealistic territory ideas. Thus, going forward we will be pre-approving subterritory ideas.

If you have an idea for a subterritory, you can simply post your picture, location, and description in the Territory Creation thread. It is recommended you do not start your discovery thread in case someone replies and you are asked to make changes to your territory. The staff will either okay your territory idea, ask for revisions, or deny it if is is too unrealistic. When the thread has been completed, you can post again with the link to the completed thread to let us know and we will add the subterritory to the map and to the appropriate forum. The subterritory will not be added until the thread is complete. Please only submit territories you have an immediate interest in discovering--we do not want to babysit a backlog of unused territory ideas.If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here!
thank you, guys!! <3 it means a lot to me to be voted MotM!

Congratulations to Reyes on WotM and Fallen Tree Cove for PotM!
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Congratulations to everyone! And thank you to staff for the new change in subterritory discovery.
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I voted for Switch and Ice, but hey. Becca and Reyes are clearly popular here. Congratulations you two!
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