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PSA: Mature Content
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PSA: Mature Content

Breeding season has begun and it appears many of you have gotten off to a productive start. Before the month progresses any further, we would just like to issue a small reminder about what we consider "mature content" so that everyone has an understanding of what is and isn't allowed on RoW.

RoW, because it allows anyone above the age of 13 to join, is a PG13 site. In the Breeding Season Infographic we have a bullet that reads "Sexual assault or pornographic description of breeding is 100% not allowed," and we would like to clarify that point. Pornographic means describing in detail sexual acts or body parts, referring to or describing genitals, or describing sexual thoughts/desires. Innuendo and flirting is one thing, but posts should not be explicitly sexual in nature. If you feel your post is approaching that line you should finish the thread where it is without any further allusions. Please be mindful of adding the {m} tag for threads that become mature in any way, or the staff will be adding them for you.

We want everyone on RoW to feel comfortable, so if you do come across a post that you think crosses a line please press the "report" button above the post and we will attend to your inquiry.