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Policy Updates: Fights & Activity
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Policy Updates: Fights & Activity

Over the past few weeks, the staff has been discussing making some updated changes to our guidelines concerning fights and activity expectations. We've been made aware of some inconsistencies in our rules and how we've been enforcing them, and for that I am sorry. This can lead to frustrations for everybody involved, staff and member alike, so we're hoping that by making these adjustments, we can clear things up and have a more consistent process in place.


In our fighting system guide we emphasized that consent from fight participants was key. We've found that many people agree to participate in a fight via PM or Slack and it can sometimes lead to confusion because the staff doing the rolls isn't aware of the agreement. Going forward, we ask that all participants simply respond to the fight request thread to let us know they want to participate so everybody involved is on the same page.

Along those same lines, we recognize that it can be frustrating to hold your character in limbo waiting for a fight's outcome, especially when it comes to rank challenges. We've decided that going forward, fight participants will have 7 days to respond to the fight request confirming they want to participate. After that confirmation, the normal 3 days between rolls will take effect. The purpose of this clarification is so that everybody has a fair chance to check the site to see if they've been challenged without forcing the challenger to wait a whole activity check period before a resolution can be reached.

Leadership Activity

As many of you are aware, leaders have a different activity requirement than regular members because leadership activity has been shown to be so critical to general pack activity. Leaders are expected to post 3 times per activity check. If a leader doesn't meet those requirements two activity checks in a row, they are demoted to II and must wait before challenging back up to their leadership position.

However, less of you are aware that our rules also specify that if a leader makes 0 posts in an activity check, they will be removed from leadership and bumped to II. We've had this rule on the books for a while, but staff enforcement of it hasn't been great and that's led to some confusion. Going forward, we want to make it clear that if a leader doesn't make a post during an activity check, they will be bumped to II as the rule states. Even if a leader rejoins during the 5 day grace period, they will be moved to II if they didn't make posts during the AC. When this happens, staff will PM the relevant players to let everybody know.

In addition to the above, we'll also start PMing leaders if they miss the required 3 checks. We've had a lot of cases over the years of leaders missing the activity requirements during a check, making them during the next, missing them during the next, and so on. To help keep everybody honest and aware of what the guidelines are, we'll be sending PMs after an AC if leaders have missed the check. If leaders are consistently falling short of the requirements, we'll evaluate on a case-by-case basis about how to proceed so the needs of the pack are being met.

As always, if anybody has any questions, please feel free to ask or send a PM to the Spirit of Wildwood account.