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Veho Macieo

Was the trip just for him and Ophelia? He’d invited the female second along, though she’d declined in favor of working to ready the pack for the coming spring. They’d already traveled to Secret Woodlands and back together; honestly, he wasn’t sure if his daughter would be joining him for the second half of his sabbatical. And if not? It might be nice to have someone to talk to, someone who’d been removed from all the drama. A clear mind, he hoped.

The large male rumbled, pressing back into the friendly contact. Yes, this was a very nice change of pace. And Cinder was correct – unlikely they’d simply take her at her word if she did not at least smell of him to some degree.

Veho pressed his weight back into the younger wolf’s side, the rumble bubbling up from his chest as he allowed the scent of cedar and fresh air to mingle with whatever the loner caught with her. “You are welcome to join me if you are so inclined. Otherwise, you are welcome to return to Grizzly Hollow territory and make yourself at home; anyone who gives you trouble will have to answer to me. He offered a small show of teeth. Leading only through kindness was a theory tried and tested – and failed. It was time for a new reign.

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Cinder Attaya

His rumble stirred her -- while a friendly interaction in his mind between pack mates, already Cinder was calculating her next move and what piece in her game of chess Veho represented. She needed to remain in his good graces -- the power she could have if she became his friend and confident -- dare she even aim for more? To test it, her muzzle would tip upward, a gentle nibble given to the base of his ear before she pulled away, her muzzle tipping lightly as she considered his options. "I'll stay with you," she murmured quietly, allowing a smile to press to her lips.

After all, this presented the perfect opportunity to get to know the ashen male before her -- and to debate exactly how to return Rook the favor of what he had done to her and her sister -- essentially breaking them apart. Quil was no better, of course.. but even if her littermate had still been within the ranks of the Hollow, she wasn't sure if she could completely extract herself from her sister.

But without Quil here, Cinder officially had no more family.. and nothing else to lose. "Lead the way," she purred again, and would trail along his side, her own strides purposeful with a silent intent.

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