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Ravenna vs Sven
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This is just going to be a friendly pin spar between @Sven and Ravenna. We are doing official rolls just to see who would win it. Cade and I have agreed over messaging to do all the rolls at once and play it out from there. Ravenna will lunge first.

HP 41
DEF 20
ATK 10
DMG 17
INT for some reason I can't get my phone to move over to see this?

HP 29
DEF 11
@Sven can you still give consent please?
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i consent
*just realized I still have yearling stats until she turns two* Oops. Poor Ravenna gonna get whooped again! Lol

[attacker="Ravennatyg" HP="29" DEF="11" ATK="4" DMG="9" IN="1"][defender="Sven" HP="41" DEF="20" ATK="10" DMG="17" IN="3"]

Roll Results:
Ravennatyg rolls a d15 and gets a 14.
Ravennatyg's' ATK: 4
4 + 14 = 18

Sven's DEF: 20
18 < 20

The attack was a MISS!

Sven's HP: 41
Ravennatyg's HP: 29
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[attacker="Sven" HP="41" DEF="20" ATK="10" DMG="17" IN="3"][defender="Ravenna" HP="29" DEF="11" ATK="4" DMG="9" IN="1"]

Roll Results:
Sven rolls a d15 and gets a 3.
Sven's' ATK: 10
10 + 3 = 13

Ravenna's DEF: 11
13 > 11

The attack was a HIT!

Sven rolls a d6 and gets a 5.
Sven's DMG: 17
17 + 5 = 22

Ravenna's HP: 29
29 - 22 = 7

Ravenna's HP: 7
Sven's HP: 41
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Weeell if Sven hits her again, he will bring her -10 so. xD Assuming you don't want Ravenna killed.
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vami if you wanna redo with her proper lp id be cool with it
Hahaha Nah, I don't think she'd stand a chance anyhow. You've been so active with Sven! She got hulk smashed!

gah thank <3 he'll train her up!
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