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Building New Bridges — Oak Tree Bend 
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I'm so sorry that I've been so slow to move this thread along. May & June have just been unexpectedly busy months for me with wedding planning & moving. Promise the next one will be quicker! <3

Initially, Serach wasn't sure if his commiserating was doing its intended job of cheering her up. But her ears perked up a bit, and her headed lifted so she wasn't looking directly at her paws anymore, and he decided that was a good enough sign as any to keep going. It was good practice too, he couldn't help but think as he finished, glancing over her shoulder to where the den was. How many times in his life would he have to reassure his new children that no matter how bleak things got, it was going to be okay in the end? Too many to think about right now, and so he looked back to her, pleased to see that her sad and grim facial expression had been replaced by a smile.

"You're doing great," he reassured her, his tail wagging slowly and his lips curling up into a smile of his own. "Once Aponi is able to leave the pups alone for a little bit longer, we'll start working on some larger prey, so don't worry about that. Anything you find is helpful and appreciated - no matter how small it might be. But don't forget to feed yourself too," he continued, ending on a light-hearted chuckle although he was entirely serious. It did them no good if their members did not sustain themselves as well, and he and Aponi were not so selfish as to horde their caches to themselves.

But she continued, and his smile dampened. He was already shaking his head before she finished, and was quick to correct her. "There's no need to apologize at all. We've all got history and experiences - some affect us more than others. We're family now, and I'm grateful you shared it with me, but you never have to apologize for wanting to share those experiences with us. As for getting kicked out, I wouldn't worry about that. All we ask for is honesty and loyalty, and I've no doubt you'll continue to deliver on both of those easily." And the truth was, with new puppies to watch for, they were not in a position to threaten to kick out anyone unless it was for committing a crime so bad it was treasonous.

Turning his head, he looked back towards where they had come before looking back at her. Gesturing with his head, he took a step in that direction. "I need to head back, though. You're welcome to join me, although you're free to do whatever you want too," he invited, the smile back on his face. He was happy to continue their conversation outside of the den, but he had been gone long enough on his walk and it was time to return to his fatherly duties.
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No worries dear. Real life comes first. I understand. ^.^

Arnaq wagged her tail looking at Serach. "Thank you." She said with a smile. She was happy that Serach was able to accept her the way she was. She could let go of the past and move forward even if that past came along with her she didn't have dread it anymore. It almost felt like a relief. She felt better now that she had spoken about it at least to one of the Alpha's of her new pack. Her family. 

Her heart was pounding with excitement. She couldn't believe that she had finally overcome something tragic and her life would be better. She would do anything she could for her family, this was her family now and she would always prove she belonged. "A pack hunt would be great. I would love to watch and learn and partake in that. Hunting the smaller game has become rather easy at the moment." She chuckled softly. 

She turned and followed him back to the den site a bounce seemingly in her step. "I would like to come back yes. I look forward to meeting the pups. I will also always be honest and loyal Serach." She bowed her head with respect and walked a step behind him as they headed back towards the den. Arnaq had decided then and there, that no matter what came their way, she would live by the pack and die for it if she had to. This would be her home for the rest of her days.