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Laike Artemieva
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Laike Artemieva

you gave me a heart of gold

Laike Artemieva is the second born son to Aura and Niklaus Atremieva alongside his brothers Malek, Lorcan and Tikhon.He was one of the strong sons and often teased his younger brothers with Malek accompanying him. Once his eldest brother rose to the throne it became apparent he wasn't going to live the life he wanted to there. He was chased with Tikhon from home due to Malek's selfish wants for the females of the pack come breeding season.

Laike traveled with his brother Tikhon before the younger Artemieva's whining drove him almost mad. He split from his brother and found himself wandering into Relic Lore. The beefy male spent some time as a loner before settling into Hearthwood River where his brother, Lorcan, also happened to live. This came as a surprise to both the brothers.

Life is still throwing Laike surprises but he does his best to hide any shock or displeasure. Formerly, he was riding out life and its surprises as the second of Hearthwood River, only being promoted after his brother disappeared. He stayed with the River wolves for some time but as feelings developed with the second of Wild Rye Fields Laike found himself at a crossroad. After some long consideration and discussing things with Lachesis he came to a conclusion. The male departed from Hearthwood and moved to the Rye.

He slowly but surely climbed the ranks of Wild Rye Fields before eventually becoming the leader after the passing of Drestig.

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"bonds only went as deep as his instinct needed"

Notable Relations

Lorcan - Younger Brother - Mixed Feelings
Tikhon - Younger Brother - Mixed Feelings
Adelayde - Wife - My love, forever.
Lachesis - Friend, Old Leader - Thank you, for everything.
Kisla - Old Leader - I respected you immensely, farewell.
Inna - Friend? - I hope you and your son are well.
Oksana - Acquaintance - I hope you're doing well.
Jessie - Acquaintance and Co-Leader - I have great respect for you and can only hope to help further protect and carry on the Rye for you and your family.
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"He liked being alone but this place was home."

Pack Connections

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