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Felix Macieo
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[Image: felix_dandelion_by_becuffin-db84cy0.png]

Second born (and first son) of the alphas of Grizzly Hollow, Veho Macieo and Oula Whitebark, Felix shares his childhood with his sisters Joan and Ophelia. They are raised by their father's mate, Rook, and regard him as their Papa -- not yet knowing anything else, this seems perfectly normal to young Felix. Additionally, he looks at Tomen like something of a brother (as he is Rook's son), even if they have no blood relationship. Life among the pack is generally peaceful throughout his first summer, until Rook takes his leave to visit family up at Renegade's Reach. Oula follows, and while both parents eventually return, nothing is the same. Nothing ever goes back to good. Now a year old, Felix is ready to see the world on his own now.

Character State

Physical Health

Felix spent his winter with his parents' pack, and thus, has wintered quite well. Having only been on his own for a little more than a month, Felix still appears to be well fed. His coat is thick and shiny, and he has no visible ailments or injuries to make note of. All in all, he looks like a healthy yearling.

Mental Health

Though he spent his winter with the wolves of Grizzly Hollow, Felix's mental health is not nearly as good as his physical health. The discord between all three of his parents weighs heavily on him, even if he refused to admit it to any of them. Being a loner allows him some freedom, but that doesn't stop him from worrying about what is going on at home in his absence.

Current Routine

As a loner, he has no routine. At best, it includes sleeping as the sun goes down, in something resembling a den if he can help it. He'd eat every day if he could, but rare is it that Felix's luck is quite so good.


  1. See the entirety of the forest.
  2. Meet his extended forests, including Namid and her children.
  3. See other packs and make some new friends.

Rank & Duties

  • Lone wolf has no rank or duties.

Character Will

Character Will

If gone for one activity check, Felix has wandered off himself and gotten a little confused.  Directions aren't his strongest suit, but he isn't bothered.  Instead of hurrying out, he takes his sweet time to explore his new discoveries.  Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it really only made the wolf a little late.

If gone for two activity checks, curiosity really has gotten the best of Felix.  Eager to know the rest of his family, he's set off from Relic Lore -- he isn't sure if he's looking for the Macieo family or the Whitebarks instead, but it hardly matters to him.  Adventure is adventure.  Family is family.  He could use a little bit of either right now.

2017 New Year's Resolutions

  • Grow a spine.
  • Make some new friends outside of the Grizzly Hollow pack.
  • Explore the world outside of Grizzly Hollow.
  • Hit 100 posts (started at 30).

Character Relationships


  • Joan - 1
    I miss her.  I wish she'd come home.
  • Ophelia - 1, 2, 3, 4
    Sometimes I don't understand Ophie -- I hope she isn't too mean to Pip when I'm gone.
  • Pip - 1, 2, 3, 4
    She's so brave, even though she has no words.  I wish I could be like her.
  • Flair - 1
    She was so cool -- I hope I see her again while I'm traveling!
  • Mathuin - 1
    He was a really good adventurer!



  • Veho - 1, 2, 3
    My dad -- I want to be like him, but I don't think I ever will be.
  • Yvly - 1, 2
    She was leader after mom left.  I wish she stayed.  Things wouldn't have gotten so bad.
  • Amaryllis - 1, 2, 3
    ...I thought she was okay...but maybe not...
  • Oula - 1
    I wish my mom never left.  Things wouldn't have gotten so bad.  I wish she didn't...do what she did.
  • Tomen - 1
    Dad says he is like his other son.  But he left.  So I don't know.
  • Nineva - 1, 2
    Ophie seems to like her.  But I don't know about her.
  • Tyne - 1, 2
    He comes and he goes.  He'd be okay, but...

Wolves Met

First Twenty Met

  1. Ophelia
  2. Joan
  3. Pip
  4. Flair
  5. Amaryllis
  6. Yvly
  7. Veho
  8. Nineva
  9. Tomen
  10. Tyne
  11. Mathuin

Territories Traveled

First Ten

  1. Blackberry Fields
  2. Cedarwood Forest
  3. Whisper Caverns



[Image: URTdAI1.jpg]          [Image: dHUxpFp.jpg]
Icons by Kydnt

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Icon by Sarah

Traditional Artwork

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Art by Cadence

Banners & Signatures

[Image: felix_dandelion_by_becuffin-db84cy0.png]
Banner by becuffin

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Banner by becuffin

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Signature by becuffin

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Signature by becuffin


A Dog with No Name

  1. Empire -- Of Monsters and Men
  2. Beautiful Day -- U2
  3. Timshel -- Mumford & Sons
  4. Icarus -- Bastille
  5. Sedated -- Hozier
  6. I See Fire -- Ed Sheeran


Table by Grey~

Table By Sarah~

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