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Travelling - Pack Rules — Oak Tree Bend 
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Hey Everyone!

Since there has been some discussion lately in the cbox about how far a wolf can travel in a day etc and how that impacts plots I made this handy little picture for us. 

Red Circle

Anything within this circle can be traveled to and have your wolf back within the territory within 36 hours meaning they would only spend one night away from the pack. This is absolutely free range for anyone in the pack.

Out of the Circle

Travelling out of the circle means your wolf will be spending more than one night out of the territory. This again is usually fine but Aponi and Serach will be required to give your wolf permission to be gone for this length of time or else they will be concerned something happened. This does not need to be done IC and can be as easy as shooting me or Shadow a quick message in slack to double check that it's okay!

Thanks guys 
Ghost :)

[Image: 24qsqq9.jpg]