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Kajika Tallis

It had been quite the scare for the dark man when Chan had disappeared under the water. Thankfully by the time he reached the spot where his godson had disappeared Chan reappeared and swam to where he could touch the bottom of the lake. Kajika was quick to make sure he was okay and with confirmation from the child that he was okay. When he finally received it he finally felt like he could relax. “Good, your mother would kill me if you were hurt.”

It was much to the beta’s surprise that Chan asked to go again. He would have thought the pup would have wanted to return .to his den after that experience. It was clear that his godson was a very determined little fellow. What had started as a fishing lesson was quickly turning into a swimming lesson. He considered the request carefully amused with Chan's excitement at the prospect of more swimming.

How could he deny that so he gave the boy a nod, “I will stay close though so you don't have a mishap.” Kajika gave the boy a nudge of his cheek, “Let's go,” he said before moving toward the deeper water where even he had a little trouble touching the bottom.


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