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June OTMs!
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Congratulations Vet and Mathuin!

Of the Month Winners for June!

It's still July so...I'm not late, right?!  Have the OTMs -- and a huge shout out to Kydnt for providing beautiful art.

Congratulations to Vet for winning MOTM for June 2016!  Vet has been hard at work lately as Wraith is doing his best to wrangle the chaos he was left when becoming alpha of Whitestone Monadnock (and doing a good job of it!) in addition to raising his firstborn son.  Pip is having similar family challenges, though from a completely different perspective.  How many times have we seen an omega with a pup here on RoW?  But man, Vet really got us right towards the end of the month with a heart-pounding fight between Ophelia and Z, which ultimately lead to the demise of both.  Amazing work this month, Vet!

Congratulations to Mathuin on exploring his way right to the top of the WOTM board for June 2017!  This adorable little guy is one half of the adventuring peanut pair and spent most of the spring exploring Relic Lore with his trusty partner in crime, Astrid.  They've since settled in Quaking Vale, but who knows how long it will be until this Whitebark gets itchy paws again?  He might be quiet and kind, but he can certainly hold his own -- he's definitely a wolf to watch out for as he continues to wander his way towards adulthood.  Congratulations!

June 2017 Pack of the Month is Hearthwood River!
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Eeee! <3 Thanks everyone! And as always Kydnt, the avatars look beautiful! :'3
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congratulations you two!
Congratulations!! <3
Updated with the POTM~
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