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Chasing ghost
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Update on Garmir's story so far:

* Travelled almost full circle around Relic lore on search of Anaeia, met few wolves here and there but had no meaningful encounters besides with Treyah (only thread that I got to finish xD)

* With winter approaching, Garmir begin to realize he might have failed on his task, Anaeia's last trail being from before snowfall. Now with snow covering the land. There are no tracks or signs to follow.

* As his imminent failure came ever closer, Garmir begin to desperately push himself harder, both abandoning hunting and sleep to solely focus his efforts on her search. This of course proved to be taxing for his body and mind.

* Garmir has lost over 13kg of weight in 3 weeks and he is now often sleep walking aimlessly forward. He is right now nearing a mental breaking point.

What next?
Garmir is not afraid of death and thus he is pushing forward until his body will fail him. He is more afraid of failure than anything else and he knows he cannot return home until he has finished his task - or died trying.

What I am seeking next for him is change. He has to realize his task is not worth it, that his purpose is but a joke. He needs new purpose, New reason to exist for him being without purpose is worst thing that can happen.

This could either happen in two ways.

1) He needs his ass majorly kicked to a point he finally breaks, preferrably in combat situation where he believes he is fighting for his life - expecting to die and thus be set free from his burden. Sparing his life would finally trigger his breakdown.

2) He needs someone to save him. Show that there can be other meaningful existance and that the worldview he has adopted is actually pretty twisted. This would be slower method to set Garmir free, with him gradually abandoning his believes and parts of his code.

In either scenario, im eventually seeking for Garmir to join pack. While this would change him, some of the things he has adopted during his time in the greater pack would remain, such as unquestionable obediance towards leader he chooses to follow. His alignment would also eventually change to match that of his leaders or Wolf he idolizes.
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All my characters are available for spree anytime with anyone. Just poke in slack or send PM!
Charred Ash Draw
With one foot in Grave Garmir was saved by Treyah and Kerberos whom accepted him to Charred Ash Draw pack as its lowest member. He is currently recovering and trying to choose between the oaths he had made - on one paw still holding onto hope of finding Anaeia while at the same time trying to repay CAD for saving his life. He can't be under oath to two packs at once and sooner or later he has to choose.

* Open for general interaction with CAD members. Garmir struggles to form lasting relationships and perhaps a friend could help him to settle.

* Looking for sub plots involving CAD. Garmir might also wander outside Borders but not far but on here there is chance for interesting chance encounters.

Anaeia revealed - Mega plot.
I Will still keep details vague but the mysterious character Garmir refers to as 'Anaeia' is real and Will soon Make appearance. This Will trigger large multi layered plot other members can also partake.

* Anaeia's real name is not Anaeia. Garmir's real name is not Garmir either. She is already here on the site but who plays this character and which character she actually is Will be secret for now ^^

* The plot is large and complex enough to enable other members to add their wolves to it if they wish to partake or If you never made extensive background for your wolf. If you are interested you can PM me for details.

* The plot is open ended and can take random directions based on interactions with others.

More stuff stufff
[Image: garmir_by_loccian_love-dc6mod2.png]

All my characters are available for spree anytime with anyone. Just poke in slack or send PM!