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Selwyns for sale!
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(Not really, they're being given away for free!)

There are several Selwyns available for adoption at the moment with more coming in the future! (once they're old enough)

As per the new rules both Arla and I hold the right to take back the adopted character if they go inactive for a prolonged period of time. When sending in your app, please make sure to say you're okay with this so we won't have to ask you on a later date!


LXXV (#75) "Nicander" Selwyn Adopted by Ace
[Image: mbHySwQ.png]
  • has "LXXV" tattooed on inside of right ear
  •  on the bigger side of medium
  • all brawn (and brains, lucky guy)
  •  handsome devil

  • opinionated
  •  cool, calm & collected
  •  the "cool guy" stereotype
  •  bossy
  • hates being called Niccy
  •  leader-type
  •  savvy smooth-talker
  •  doesn't really understand social cues due to being on a reserve

LXXVI (#76) "Melia" Selwyn Adopted by Lullaby
[Image: pxGA92f.png]
  • has "LXXVI" tattooed on inside of right ear
  • pretty babe
  • leggy like her lil bro, seven (but makes it look good)
  • built for speed

  • energetic
  • outgoing
  • go-getter
  • sometimes overly enthusiastic
  • short-tempered
  • doesn't really understand social cues due to being on a reserve

If you're interested in adopting either of Nicander or Melia please pm Lachesis "XIX" Stark with ideas (RP sample not necessary).
[Image: kana_pixel_by_marthypie-dcn3i8m.gif]
[Image: se_sig_by_becuffin-dbuushz.png]

8+ months

(Please note, these pups can only enter the lore when they are 8 months or older, but feel free to put your apps in anyway as they will be available soon!!)

Roland Whitebark Adopted by Cadence
[Image: dBfEGsB.png]
  • A handsome son.
  • Silvery greyish like his mum.
  • Typical Selwyn yellow eyes.
  • He'll be a biggun.
  • Always looks like he's up to something, which he probably is
  • Strong boy.
  • Bad seed.
  • Saw his half-sister die and dealt with the aftermath of his mourning mother. (all the development possibilities)
  • Broody and sullen.
  • Likes power, seeks it out.
  • Self centred.
  • A schemer.
  • Probably will be a bad boy, like his dad.
  • Likened to Mordred, take that as you will.
Caelean Balik Adopted by Becca
[Image: tumblr_owjgtdIF7R1s99zp9o6_r1_400.jpg]
  • Washed out tawyn, like someone tried to print a picture of his mother but ran out of cartridge ink part way through the job.
  • Selly yellow eyes, like his dad.
  • A lot smaller than he should be
  • His coat is kinda scraggly, needs a good groom
  • Quiet and soft spoken.
  • Pretty much the polar opposite of his half-brother Roland.
  • Curious as hell, loves to explore but often gets lost.
  • Is shy and reserved with people he doesn't know, tends to warm up to them after a while.
Juliet SelwynAdopted by Van
[Image: tumblr_otcz8f0hEX1s99zp9o1_540.jpg]
  • Pretty as a princess.
  • Petite, but not as curvy as her mum.
  • Pale tawny coat, like the colours have faded.
  • Almost small, but not quite.
  • Spoiled little brat
  • Acts like butter wouldn't melt, but it does.
  • Flaming temper, gets pissy easily.
  • Impatient.
  • Charasmatic and cheery, when the mood takes her.

Raleah Selwyn Adopted by Mimi

[Image: tumblr_otlu2cx3fn1s99zp9o1_1280.jpg]
  • Another handsome.
  • Sort of looks white, but his coat is smudged with grey.
  • Looks like a polar bear disguised as a wolf.
  • Bright selly eyes.
  • Is either grinning or pretending to brood. There is no in between.

  • The biggest dork to ever dork
  • Has a persona called Infinite , of which he spends most of his time roleplaying, slaying monsters, being edgy, so on so forth.
  • He's actually a shy and sensitive lad, just wants to be cool, to be loved. : (
  • A good boy, pure.
  • Earnest and kind, he needs approval. Please, someone like him, play along with him, it'd make him so happy!

If you're interested in adopting either of these kiddos please pm me/aka Alice  with ideas and a brief roleplay sample, which shows their personality and explores some of their motivations.
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*shamelessly bumps*
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stick with those who stick with you
And all of the sellys are gone!

Thanks for your interest folks!!!
[Image: kana_pixel_by_marthypie-dcn3i8m.gif]
[Image: se_sig_by_becuffin-dbuushz.png]