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adopt a girly to torture sven
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Hey guys, I'll be making graphics for her tonight, but wanted to gauge interest in the mean time cause i'm thuper exthited. everyones being way too nice to sven, he needs a chaotic force to bring out the bad in him.

enter, lilith. she was born & raised in a pack south of RL that was all-female before skoll's entrance to it, and grew quite attached to sven in the short time that he was there recovering. wanting adventure and to meddle in his affairs, she set out look for willow ridge.

she's meant to be chaotic, selfish, alluring and devious. not necessarily in an evil way, but really that's up to you. she's just a girl that looks out for herself and wants to have her own kind of fun, but could evolve into anything. she loves a good challenge, which sven will most likely prove to be.

just to note, this doesn't mean she's a guaranteed love interest for sven. just giving a good reason for her to stalk & bug tf out of him.

does this strike anyone's fancy? oco
Bumping this!

I will chime in that Devilsbite Dell is a somewhat of an interesting spot outside of Relic Lore. It's almost primal, rustic, and earthy at its very core - just like wolves ought to be by nature. Pick up this lil' lady and delve into a little bit of moon- and nature-craft (which you may keep or discard at your leisure) and make a path for yourself. Heal with herbs, bathe in the moonlight, stare at the stars, listen to the earth, and cast away the protective circle that once tied you to your mother, aunt(s), sister(s), and teachers. It is time - you have a magic all your own and Sven is your way out.

Adventure is calling and, perhaps, only one thing is for certain: "a 'witch' ought to never be frightened in the darkest forest... because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her..."

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thanks so much grey, far better said than i could have explained <33
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