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Written in the Stars
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Written in the Stars is a literate no word count semi-realistic wolf, coyote, and fox roleplay. With a current mini-plot to populate the land with wolves.

The spirit of a pup who never got a chance to take his first breath whispered to the ears of those he favored. Beckoning them to follow where his floating specter led. Far from the reaches of the packs and families they’d been born to, unless they too chose to follow.

The lands he’d found were free of wolves, but prey abundant to the point they were overgrazing and potentially ruining the ecosystem. And so a place where packs could begin in earnest and help to bring balance back to the terrain.

Once the specter guided them there he returned to the heavens above, to the constellation, the river, for which his parents had named him and to look back down upon his family forevermore. Until one day they would join him and they could frolic together for the first time among the stars.

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