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Quaking Vale
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In spite of the unanticipated run-in's with her wayward cousins, Morganna set a gruelling pace on her way back to the Vale. She didn't want to keep Niles waiting any longer than she had to, and while anxiety may have been clawing at her fur from all angles, (would her kids get here in one piece? Would Niles's mate still be alive when she got back? Would Celandine and Renier find her okay with the directions she had left Attica? Would her trail be lost in the snow before they made it this far? Would they even cross the mountain to come find her after all?)

Well, she supposed she'd best do this right, skidding up upon the border to give a howl to her brother. She had told him she would be back and here she was. Had she given him enough time to have second thoughts? Ears cupped forward straining for a response. Did she get back in time?
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For a while, time had seemed to halt within the Quaking Vale. Niles' internal clock worked by Castel's conditions, measured by her each and every breath. Some days were 'okay' and some were better, but he still worried about the day when she had collapsed and he had been almost too far away to hear her cry. Now, Morganna had returned, her call beckoning him again from his mate's side. He told the little sprite to remain in the den; whether or not she would obey his request was a gamble, but he wasted no time in setting off towards the borders that he and Tikhon had set. The territory markers were a little closer together now, the land perhaps not so vast as it had been before, but it made for easier patrols and quicker greetings.

He scrambled to the place where his sister stood between the aspens, lumbering over the snow so that he could press his face into her nape and lap his tongue over her cheek. A rather shy display of dominance was given over the slightest raking of his teeth over her chin, the gesture not quite becoming on him just yet.

"You're here!" he panted in relief, overwhelmed by the fact that Morganna was now here to stay (even if logic told him that she would only remain until the Spring thaw as most wolves did). "Come, tell us what you've seen, where you've been and who else is coming..."

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