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Quaking Vale
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Sovanna Archer

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A month

Post Prompt Response (I totally meant to get this up in Morganna's thread before y'all saw it but then stuff happened)

Sovanna stood at the borders beside Morganna, her silver eyes curiously gazing at those they were in the presence of. “My name is Sovanna Archer… I’m your cousin. My mum and your mum are sisters.” She introduced herself to him. She saw no reason to lie to her family, after all. Did she have secrets? Sure, she did… but she wasn’t about to comment on that. She figured that the knowledge of her birth and status would be enough of a personal affection for them both. Family, after all, was important. Blood was thicker than water in more ways than one.
Another dark figure had appeared beside his sister and Niles had to double-take, what for he couldn't really say. His own sisters were not as dark as the women before him; chances were, his mind playing tricks with mirror images were more likely. However, her explanation that the younger lady was his cousin, a daughter of Elettra's sister, piqued his interest. His eyes went to Morganna and then back to Sovanna.

Well, Morganna did say that she had other wolves with her. Perhaps this was one of the few that had waited for her at the Lagoon.

In any other circumstance, he might have said 'Cool.... I guess...' but Castel's present condition had set him right, and there was little to no room for his adolescent snark. Frankly, he should have outgrown the sarcasm months ago. Instead, he gave his cousin an accepting nod. To an Archer, family was everything. "This way then, we'll head to the Herbal Den first and then we can check up on Castel. Tikhon and I've recently made rounds, so wherever ya feel like it, jus' make yerself at home."

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