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Shallows Edge Pack Thread
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Shallows Edge I. Leader
Askan Selwyn
sorry not sorry for hogging lyanna

Askan cracked his mouth wide open with a long, toothy yawn. Whilst his day hadn't been any more strenuous than the last, there was no denying that Askan-unlike his mate- was not a creature of the night. If anything, he belonged in the light of day, when the sun shone just as bright as his eyes. Still, the sun hadn't quite set yet and it was a smidge too early to retire for the night. Being the stubborn man he was, he made a point of not being the first to claim a spot in the den. He knew the other's probably didn't care, let alone even noticed this habit of his, but whatever. Askan was a man stuck in his ways, he had routines and he stuck to them.

For the most part anyway.

Knowing that his mate was no doubt on the prowl, marking the borders and keeping any intruding owls at bay, Askan had some time to kill. Weeks ago he would have sought out Sachiel and Hawthorne, to make sure they weren't up to no good. These days though? Well even with one half of the pair was gone, he was more inclined to trust that Sachiel was behaving himself. Same for Percy, she was still a little shit, but she most certainly wasn't a kid anymore. Which was sort of weird, considering how he remembered her being a tiny little pup as though it was yesterday.

Man, that made him feel old.

With a huff and a puff he stepped out of the forest and into the wide open space that housed the Shallows. To say he was surprised to see Lyanna would be an outright lie, she always seemed to be about. He wasn't accusing her of sitting around on her butt all day- like she was now- rather, he felt as though the world seemed determined to smush them together. Like Askan needed his daily dose of sass.

"What are you glaring at?" Askan found himself asking as he drew closer. He followed her line of sight and- oh, an eagle? Okay.

Askan & Reyes
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Shallows Edge I. Herald
Lyanna Tainn

She watched as the eagle situated its prize atop the wide branch where he perched. Either end of the serpent dangled, lifeless, and where its upturned belly offered easy pickings for the bird's sharp, curved beak, he went to work. Peeling. Pecking. Stripping. Gulping. It looked so easy, and in the same breath a bit disgusting. The thought of eating anything remotely reptilian made her skin crawl, but the king overhead seemed to think nothing of it. For a moment she wondered how different the world he lived in was from hers down here, thought about what he thought of her, covered in fur and watching him devour his kill from far below. Perhaps he pitied her for being constrained from the sky where he reigned. As he cast her a watchful gaze through his round, dark eyes, she admired him for what he was worth - whether his food was repulsive or not.

"What are you glaring at?"

Without moving a muscle or taking her eyes off her dark feathered company, a grin crept onto Lyanna's lips. She liked it when she ran into Askan like this - at random, somewhere in their forest on a lazy, summer afternoon. Immediately she began to plot her first snarky comment in her head, wondering if and when she'd ever get a smile out of him. He would come around eventually, of that she was certain. "The eagle, eating that wretched snake," she replied nonchalantly, her tail thumping a couple of time against the grassy ground in her silent excitement to see him (you know, since she couldn't just tell him she was excited to see him.)

"Speaking of wretched - how are you today, Askan?"

Now she gazed over her shoulder to meet his eyes with her own that glimmered with mischief and happiness she wouldn't hide for anything if only so he could see.

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Shallows Edge I. Leader
Askan Selwyn

Wretched? Him? As bloody if! He was many things, but he was hardly wretched. He felt the intense need to shove her words back in her mouth, but rather than get too carried away Askan simply huffed at her comment. He was still a bristly, grumpy man, but he wasn't the sort who chomped down on his subordinates muzzles because he felt like it.

Besides, he should have seen her snark coming, should have realised his blunt question would have encouraged her to get lippy, but nope, once again he'd walked right into it. Almost like the time he'd stomped right into that tree root. His lips curved down into a grimace as his brows drew together, all squished and scrunched together.

"I was fine till you came along." He looked to the eagle instead and his nose wrinkled as it tore out the snakes innards, like a worm fresh plucked from damp soil. "So...how are things?" It was a pretty shit one, but he'd made an attempt as civility.

Askan & Reyes
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Lone Wolf III. Subordinate
Lae Lave
a dream within a dream

It was late, cold, and dark. It was time for the old lady to get herself to bed. She hadn’t done much all day, but she was still fatigued. Simply being alive for her was a lot of work. Joining the pack had certainly helped, but she was no spring chicken. Winter was on its way, there was no denying that. She usually enjoyed the cold temperatures, but tonight she just wanted warmth and security. She waddled into the main den, her fur ruffled up from the breeze. Her blind eye glowed in the darkness, unblinking. She glanced around, then, quite comfortably, she started to create herself a little nesting spot in the corner.

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