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the Descendants of Devilsbite Dell
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As winter takes hold of Relic Lore, stirrings in the south have roused a certain group of youths. Bred from Sköll Archer and three women of a pack situated in a place known as Devilsbite Dell, five young souls wait for the right time to cast away their mothers' protective magick and make their own way in the world. Born on May 8th, 2017, they share a birthday with their father and will be given the chance to make their mark on-site as early as January 8th, 2018 at 8 months old.

- ☾ -

The pack of Devilsbite Dell is matriarchal, whimsical and superstitious. Their beliefs hail from a religion that worships the moon - named Moon Mother by her devotees - and they often pay heed to the lunar cycle all-year-round when embarking on journeys, harvesting materials, executing hunts, and blessing mating rituals. Before Sköll's arrival and initiation, the all-women pack had suffered in numbers, losing many of their Elders and struggling year after year to acquire a healthy litter. In 2015 and 2016, daughters were born to a pair of subordinates who had flirted surreptitiously with a rogue male who did not survive past the Spring thaw, but rank and tradition would not see them rise to power under Eremiel, Vesna or Anahera's reign.

For several seasons, the three Leaders lied in wait, their chances to gain a son, a lover, and a daughter never coming until the Archer turned up unknowingly on their borders. Considered as a dark and handsome specimen, they bewitched him with their charms, lavishing him with affection beyond measure, and taking from him what they could. Between Eremiel and Anahera, four sons and a daughter were born that coming Spring; and, as for Vesna, a paramour was realized. However, as the cubs grew, Sköll soon discovered just what was happening with his life:

Devilsbite Dell was the Devil's playground but it was not Sköll who held power here...

What he had thought of as paradise was slowly turning into ash as the three women began to grow possessive of him, even aggressive and jealous of one another. Gone was the bond they had once had as a collective trinity; and, where once was nothing but tenderness and devotion, zealousness and dominance took root. Even when Sven, Sköll's first-born son show up beaten and battered, Sköll was fought over and often forced into submission (Sven was never subject to these fits - in fact, he was fawned over - but while he provided much needed distraction, the women often tussled over him, too). They had grown deaf to his silver tongue and blind to his devilish looks and soon he grew disheveled from negligence and abuse. Sköll was but a shadow of his former self.

For months, he planned his escape, planting imagery in his children's heads about places beyond the Dell - Torbine, Willow Ridge, Relic Lore, Fireweed Rise - and, when they had grown old enough to comprehend the importance of their father's scheme, they helped Sköll break free. Scraps of venison laced with hellebore (to induce dizziness and a lack of concentration) were dodged and the prying eyes of his three lovers were diverted with five different cries from each of the cubs, timed cunningly to capture their mothers' attention in waves. As Sköll ran off into the night, his sons and daughter remained, filled with hope that, in time, they would be able to follow, promises of a safehaven built by their father kept unforgotten at the back of their minds.

- ☾ -

Now that you've made it this far, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Devilsbite Dell, Samael and his four siblings, a soundtrack and vague notes for your convenience, and (bonus plug) Lilith...

Samael Elio Archer

(played by GREY)

☾ Male; Large build. Skoll look-alike. One of Eremiel's three cubs. Chaotic Good. Star/Circle personality. Self-Possessed and characteristically calm and confident. Great listener. Goal accomplisher.

Judas Orion Archer

(played by VAMI)

☾ Male; Large build. Unblemished black, dark gray eyes. One of Eremiel's three cubs. Chaotic Neutral. Star personality. Confident, royal ass. Wild child. Loves to stir that pot.

??? Archer

(played by ???)

☾ Male. To adopt, please PM Grey with a 250 RP sample as proposed character along with the reason why they left and ideas for personality and plots.

??? Archer

(played by ???)

☾ Male. To adopt, please PM Grey with a 250 RP sample as proposed character along with the reason why they left and ideas for personality and plots.

??? Archer

(played by ???)

☾ Female; Medium build. One of two cubs and only girl in her litter. Anahera's daughter and favorite of the litters. Named as her mother's successor and may become the new Leader (Supreme) when she completes her training and comes of age. To adopt, please PM Grey with a 250 RP sample as proposed character along with the reason why they left and ideas for personality and plots.


(played by SWITCH)

☾ Female. Sven's "friend." Left the pack with Sven when given the opportunity. To adopt, please PM Cadence; see more details on Lilith's profile or see her adoption thread here.

- ☾ -

Resources + Vibes

  • Lilith and the cubs are somewhat familiar with one another.
  • Eremiel bore three sons are Samael, Judas and ???. Anahera bore a son and daughter, ??? and ???.
  • Samael and Judas could be considered "thick as thieves," but it is the other two brothers one might have to look out for. They have been described as utter "hellions" by their father.
  • Moon-craft and beliefs may be kept or shed at player's leisure.
  • Vesna often 'wet-nursed' the cubs, becoming a third mother to the litters.
  • Dark fur, from dark brown-black to pitch black, runs dominant in Archer blood-lines. These cubs may take particularly after grandfather Kiche and grandmother Elettra (or, perhaps, similar to uncles Greer and Asriel). However, coat color is ultimately up to the player.
  • Cubs do not need to stay together or even depart Devilsbite Dell with one another. There are plenty of places to go and plenty of family to meet on both sides of Relic Lore's mountain range.
  • Eremiel, Vesna, and Anahera make up the trope Blonde, Brunette, Redhead as seen on Witches of Eastwick (1987); Eremiel has white fur, Vesna is timber/agouti-colored, and Anahera is dark/black-coated.

  • Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
  • Practical Magic (1998)
  • American Horror Story: Coven (2013-2014)
  • Hellebore, particularly the yellow variant, grows abundant within Devilsbite Dell. While used to treat some mild afflictions, common uses within the pack are often meant to harm than heal.
  • "Moonsong" composed by Adrian von Ziegler.
  • Bewitched (2005)
  • Religion roots are loosely based in Wiccan and Druidic practices and beliefs.
  • The Moon (Tarot Card)
  • Trying to "read signs" - scrying shallow pools, spotting rings around the moon, timing events according to the moon cycle - is a skill set all cubs have in their repertoire.

Coven Crasher: a soundtrack

  • HORNS. Bryce Fox.
  • HAL. Yasmine Hamdan.
  • WALK THROUGH THE FIRE (feat. Ruelle). Zayde WØlf.
  • CITY OF THE DEAD. Eurielle.
  • SILENCE (feat. Sarah Mclachlan). Delerium.
  • SONGS OF SANCTUARY (album). Karl Jenkins.
  • WHISPERS. Eurielle.
  • BORN READY. Zayde WØlf.
  • LA LA SONG (from American Horror Story: Coven). James S. Levine.
  • BREATHE. Fleurie.
  • WITCHCRAFT. Frank Sinatra.
* listen to all tracks via YouTube here.

by the light of the moon, we run
i'm a dreamer, i'm a man
i'm doing whatever i can to make the bad things go away
OMG!!! I'm a witch irl so this is extremely exciting to me!!
[Image: 9lnGsxY.png]
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*Dusts off the cobwebs.* Well ello there, Judas.

(Nov 28, 2017, 08:05 AM)Maeve Wrote:  OMG!!! I'm a witch irl so this is extremely exciting to me!!

I've only recently started looking into these elements (Craft?), and it makes me excited! As of late, I've been rather interested in the idea of crystal energies, reading tarot cards, the use of herbs (if I could grow them, I could, but I'm learning more about this stuff in the kitchen), healing/managing my own energy, and using other means of protection - so to include even just a little bit of what I'm learning into Samael's background has me hype~
i'm a dreamer, i'm a man
i'm doing whatever i can to make the bad things go away
Ahh! Originally when I first started off with all of this the goal was kitchen witch, but I'm a horrible cook so I lean more towards green witch these days UuU;; needless to say I'm jealous. Tarot is always fun! You should look up runes too if you haven't already! Have you bought any crystals yet? And ahhh Samuel is so cool!!

((Also Vami omg Judas is a big handsome boy aww ;A;))
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awe such handsome boys and a tempting thing.... but I can barely handle Zilas atm.... damn you for making interesting sutff XD
please don't judge me for talking to my self, after all, you were the one who ruined me.

Keala is permitted to enter any thread Zilas is part of regardless of the tag unless otherwise stated 

shouldn't be but definitely am interested in the girly, i'll hopefully have an app in by the weekend if you don't mind waiting~

also, i will finally be working on lilith's profile as well. want to do it now but i'm not brave enough to do something that extensive at work. P:
Definitely sending you an app - as soon as I get the time to properly sit down and write it ^^'
-keeps obsessively checking this-