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oh brother--
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Ongoing Plot.  Nothing can last forever, and so Askan and Reyes left Wild Rye Fields to form their own Shallows Edge.  With them are a small, patchwork band of misfits, but its one he's fond of and incredibly protective of.  His last attempt at leadership went very poorly -- a secret from his past -- so he's struggling, some.  Who he is at home is becoming very different from who he is elsewhere.  The 'Reaper' persona still lurks beneath the surface, so he needs traumatic events that might inspire it.

Threads of Interest
  • Former members of Blackwatch Canyon -- a mysterious, nomadic band of seven wolves who did 'dark deeds' in exchange for food and shelter.  He was betrayed by these wolves when Finch decided he would make a better leader and gathered the support of the others to oust Reyes -- though Reyes survived, he was not interested in remaining with disloyal wolves.  Finch turned out to be more talk than action, and Blackwatch Canyon dissolved only months after Reyes left.  3 of 6 unnamed wolves are still unaccounted for, Finch is unaccounted for.  Ari and Regi are former packmates.
  • Threads with any Shallows Edge packmates, or anyone too close to his borders.
  • If you aren't interested in being a rival, I'd still be interested in antagonistic encounters.  He's growing more agitated and more aggressive outside of the pack.  He would scuffle if pushed.
  • Reyes wants to mentor young wolves -- to the point that he will take puppies home if he thinks they do not have parents to look after them.  He does now and thinks later.

Ongoing Plot.  Little Crow (officially named Namir, though she continues to prefer her pack nickname for the time being) is the only daughter of the late Desideria, and entered Relic Lore in the early spring looking for her mother after the woman ran from Crow's Crossing, where she grew up.  So far, she has had no luck in locating the woman.  She wants answers as to why she ran, as well as to meet the wolves her mother was so intent on returning to.  She is looking for Namid, Kajika, and Fallen Tree Cove (though she often butchers their names) as well as answers to her questions.  It is unlikely she will settle in a pack until that point, as she remains largely distrustful.  She now knows where to go, but was abandoned by her only friend Saros and is prone to lashing out, anger, and hurt.

Potential Secondary Plot.  Little Crow was trained as the 'pack thief' for Crow's Crossing once Desideria was put out of commission.  She is considerably more successful than her mother was, and she is both shameless, and perhaps a bit too proud of her skill.  I would love for her to be able to successfully steal from a pack (or two) on initial attempts, only to be hunted down, or caught on a second attempt.  She is not interested in murder, but might hurt a wolf if it was between her and freedom.  She would also consider holding a puppy ransom, if she thought it would get her fed.  Namir is a wolf who considers now, and surviving today, rarely worrying about tomorrow.

Threads of Interest
  • Threads with anyone with information on Namid, Kajika, Desideria, or Fallen Tree Cove.  Incorrect information is welcome -- even appreciated!  This is her main arc, so it's not meant to be easy.
  • Other loners who might want to hunt with her.
  • Other loners she could steal from, or individual pack wolves (who do not fall into the above category).  She is survival first and foremost.
  • An older wolf (likely a female, though it doesn't have to be) who could take her in and mentor her.  She isn't looking to be a Good Wolf, but one that lives.

Ongoing Plot.  Kyna and Greer founded Aurora Heights early this spring, very close to her childhood home of Silent Moon Plateau.  Her main concerns are raising her first daughter, Revon, and trying to keep Aurora Heights together.  Of course, this does not mean she is a homebody -- quite the contrary as the young alpha finally starts to come into herself.  She is meant to very much be a 'chess player' so to speak, always playing the mental game, so I am very interested in threads with other pack wolves -- this includes both alliances and enemies as Kyna does her best to make sure her pack thrives.

Threads of Interest
  • Threads with extended family!  Kyna has so much family, especially in the area -- very interested in Aponi's family in Oak Tree Bend, Naira's family in Charred Ash Downs, as well as Greer's family in Willow Ridge.  Meeting other Archers would also be interesting, especially considering her daughter is an Archer, too.
  • Meeting with loners in the southern half of Relic Lore.  As an alpha, Kyna will likely try to recruit (unless you seriously weird her out), but you are under no obligation to join, or even be nice.  Even for those that don't come, I think it's important for her, as a young alpha, to try and understand what works, and what doesn't.  So failed attempts are fine!  Meeting more wolves and practicing skills are the most important parts.
  • Though Aurora Heights is small at the moment, Kyna is very interested in working with her other wolves.  This includes discussions of pack roles, group hunts, and practicing skills.  They are small in number, so there's a lot of effort to be made.  Additionally, if there's a pack event you're interested in, I'd love to hear!

Ongoing Plot.  Mathéo "I see dead people" Tainn is a weird kid -- being raised by a single mom, and then seeing that mother slain, has done some strange things to the boy.  He's smart, very observant, but he's detached and disinterested.  He's very lost and looking for a sense of purpose or belonging, something he doesn't have with either Hearthwood River or his sister.

Threads of Interest
  • Threads with his age mates -- Théo is largely wary of wolves that aren't his mother or Lachesis, and is likely to avoid them (though such drama could be interesting!).  He would seek out his age mates to play, sometimes adventuring.  Rule-breaking causes him distress, but he is in so much turmoil, it seems like the least of several evils.
  • A sense of purpose, even if misguided, is sorely lacking from Theo's life.  He could be influenced by someone charismatic or caring, he could also be led astray, or trained for the powers of good.  He's incredibly moldable at this point.

Ongoing Plot.  Bennet Kjorsdottir spent the most of her year with the wolves of Ered Luin II, learning what her father might have taught if he still lived.  She returned to Relic Lore seeking information about her mother, Karina, and her milk-brother, Kyrios, but mostly, the young dragon wants to live up to all the expectations her missing parents had for her, and prove her family proud.  It means being strong and proud, but Bennet doesn't entirely know how to become the wolf of her dreams.

Threads of Interest
  • Threads with wolves who knew Kjors, Kjell, Karina, or Kyrios.  Any information, good or bad, is welcome.  She's trying to put the story together in her mind, and trying to be impartial while she does it.
  • Bennet would likely want to join a pack, and become a healer, though one more spiritual than your average healer.  A belief in something other than here and now, and a friend or family member, these are the things she's looking for.
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Sachiel/Reyes & Matheo/Lavender and/or Lachesis? <3
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Sachiel has photographic memory and associates moods/emotions with colours
NOTE! Sachiel can usually be found hanging out with Hawthorne
which means she could appear in any thread with him!
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ps —  he hates the colour orange
Lila is in the north looking for answers about Ice.
I don't think Matheo could help her necessarily, but they could meet?

Little Crow could steal from Summit?
He buries a cache near Aurora Heights, and she could watch him to do?
Strike up a conversation to steal it after he's gone.
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Throws Alek at Bennet so fast, he suffers whiplash!!!
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Draven has info on Namid if you’re interested!
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@Sachiel -- SE thread please and thank. Reyes needs to know this punk that tagged along!

@Lila -- It would be great if Theo and Mat could meet up! And Namir would definitely steal from Crow, especially if he leaves his caches far away. Would he try to chase her?

@Aleksei -- Meet again, y/y/y??? Where could he meet her?

@Draven -- Absolutely! Where is Draven hanging out these days?
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I'll start one and tag you! @Reyes
Literally anywhere up North. He's starting to get some wandering, itchy feet.
Let the roots & soil drink of me
Whispering leaves & pointing branches will tell them where I'm lying
@Cyril -- Thank you!  <3

@Aleksei -- Want to use the mountain goat RE for them?  They could find a goat in the foothills, maybe (for better or worse).
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Sounds good to me!
Let the roots & soil drink of me
Whispering leaves & pointing branches will tell them where I'm lying