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Noors To Good Homes!
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About These Noors...

The Noor family has been bred down through careful (and sometimes not-so careful at all) breeding selection. Noor was the last name of the human who started breeding these blue-eyed Iberian lookalikes, and the patriarch (of sorts) of the family picked it up from him. As such, the name has not been in use for very long, and first came from a wolf named Ewein Noor. He, along with a female wolf of Yukon descent, bred a litter of colorful children. Of them, the human kept Conway Noor, who then bred with another female to have Eris Noor. Eris would go on to be bred with his cousins and half-sisters to try and keep the odd colorations they were producing. However, the inbreeding was causing serious health complications, and so a Labrador wolf named Brynn was brought in to juggle up the genetic line. And out of this union came Osian, Lowri, Rhys, and Cecily. They left home when they were eight months old, around three months ago, to try and search out their older half-sister, Castel.

Random Facts

- The Noor family have a very distinctive blue eye color that, depending on the lighting, can look as light as sky blue or as dark as indigo. Most have a lot of red in their fur, along with pale cheeks.
- They are not particularly large.
- There are a lot of very strong personalities in the Noor line. This can be a good or bad thing. Chaotic Good all the way through Chaotic Neutral are very common alignments for them, as many aren't particularly lawful or evil.
- Many Noor children don't know how to interact with other wolves in a pack setting, because of being bred in captivity.
- Fun is a high priority for most. Boredom is a Noor family curse.
- Bravery is likely the trait that Noors value the absolute highest. It's rare to find a Noor that cannot overcome their fears.
- The name "Noor" itself is derived from an Arabic name meaning "light." However, first names in the family are usually Welsh, or at least can be found somewhere around Wales.

The Children

Osian Noor
[Image: afgwl3Y.png]

- Oldest Male - Medium Physique - Likely Neutral-Good or True Neutral Alignment - Circle Personality
Osian is the eldest son of the litter - the firstborn of Eris and Brynn Noor. He's a calm boy, with a gentle heart and a loving nature. Which makes him sound like a complete and utter pushover - but that is not the case. In fact, Osian is a confident, good-humored young man with a lot of puns up his proverbial sleeve, and has helped to raise Rhys and Cecily alongside Lowri, as the two of them had very little parenting from their own mother and father. The eldest of the litter decided to step up to the plate, and God help you if you mess with his younger littermates.
Closest With: Lowri
Clashes With: Rhys

Lowri Noor
[Image: TRkEoyx.png]

- Oldest Female - Small/Medium Physique - Neutral-Centric Alignment - Block Personality
Lowri is a mom in every sense of the word except for literal. She is thoughtful and considerate, and treats Rhys and Cecily like any good mother would. It is clear that she is the disciplinarian out of herself and Osian. She is strict and protective, but also generous with affection and praise. Lowri is rough around the edges, and very strong-willed and often closed off from strangers, but is actually one of the most thoughtful and kind wolves you could ever meet. She just has a hell of a temper to go along with it.
Closest With: Osian
Clashes With: Everyone, at some point

Rhys Noor
Claimed by becuffin
[Image: G83FMxG.png]

- Youngest Male - Medium/Large Physique - Neutral Good/Chaotic Good Alignment - Circle/Block personality
Rhys likes to present himself as the bad boy of the family. He's brash and temperamental and cold toward most strangers, and even toward his older littermates from time to time. In reality, he has a very good heart and will definitely go out of his way to help others - particularly his siblings, but he certainly doesn't have any preference when it comes to helping out. He's got a soft spot for younger, smaller, and weaker wolves, and really likes feeling needed. Like Osian, though the two rarely like admitting they have anything in common, he is fiercely protective of his littermates.
Closest With: Cecily
Clashes With: Everyone, at some point or another

Cecily Noor
Claimed by Yours Truly
[Image: MsfZB3b.png]

- All you need to know is that she is the baby of the family, and her first name means "blind" for a reason.

To Apply...

Please PM Van with a 200+ word sample and any plans or ideas you might have for that specific character!
UPDATE: Rhys was claimed by becuffin!