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.... ooc name: Embyr
.... current characters: None
.... how you found us: Google> Top 50 Wolf Rpgs
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): Speed: 110, Stamina: 110, Strength: 80; assuming he is at peak health.
....a role play sample (200+ words):

Watching the sunset through the speckling of trees and admiring the rainbow of colors that illuminated the trees was fast becoming one of Kierans favorite past times. The forest came alive in a speckling of beauty and even after three years of watching the seasons change and the forest work its magic, Kieran was just as in awe of it as hed been when he had been a pup. He made one last loop around the edge of the forest before pausing in a small clearing of trees as the last hues of purples and lavender dipped beneath the horizon and the albino male was left shrouded in a cloak of darkness and thin, wispy fog. High above, the stars twinkled and Kieran surveyed their positioning, studied the way they twinkled in the cloudless sky and he tried to remember the dozens of stories his mother used to tell his siblings and hisself, about the fabled star people. His tail curled around his haunch and his shoulders relaxed back. He was feeling restless tonight and he knew sleep was still a long ways off. Not that that was anything new. Soon, the itch over took him and he was off.
Beneath the array of the galaxies, a single creature flitted through the trees; an apparition, not truly there. Not to the untrained eye, as he hung low to the shadows and bramble in the otherwise white world. Even in the depths of winter, the moons rays still had a way of brightening the gloomy forest. Natural light spilled across the blanket of snow that covered the grounds. The surface glittered, reflecting the into his pale orbs, narrowing them in a reflex to the overhead intensity. The fog fades, and he appears shrouded in moonlight that made his coat shimmer around him. Eventually, he would adjust, and move around freely. The fae tracing his way in and out of the dormant trees that littered the landscape so densely. He emerges from the forest, flying across the unchanging flat terrain and allowing his heart to guide him. His limbs ache and his lungs burn, but he cannot bring himself to stop, to kill his impulsion and collapse in the snow.

and finally a bit about your character....
Despite, his past, hes more or less a white knight in shinning armor. Always, aiming to serve for the greater good, to deliver justice and peace, and protect those who need protecting, even if it means he himself, would end up dead.
Hi there, and thank you for your interest in joining RoW! Your app is looking really good so far, there are just a few small changes. The first is your height and length -- please just provide a unit with the numbers! We have members on the metric and imperial systems, so units are really helpful.

Secondly, you've described your wolf as an albino, but you have given him blue eyes. A true albino will have pink eyes, as well as some serious vision issues -- while we do allow albinos on the site, as they do exist in real life, we ask that players do some research to portray the wolf accurately. However, if you are more interested in just having a white wolf with blue eyes, that is perfectly acceptable, and you can change your profile to that as well.

Once you've fixed these two things, someone will be happy to look over your profile again!
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