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Shallows Edge
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Character Name: Cancer
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?: 2 seconds
Post Prompt:

Your call is not responded to right away. Instead you sense that you are being watched, judged from afar. Does this bother you? Or do you stand tall and proud, prepared for whatever happens next? Two dark wolves soon appear on the other side of the-clearly marked- border. For a long moment, they regard you with narrow eyed suspicion, but then soon cut to the chase."If you're looking for a free easy ride, then leave, now. Because you won’t find that here.” Once-and only if- it becomes clear that you intend to stand your ground, do they continue. “Fine. If you really want to join our ranks, prove it. Go catch something for our caches, by yourself. You have a day.”

Upon your return, the dark wolves debate your offering, and decide if you can stay.


Somewhere along the ridge of those red hills to the East began a trail, the red clay streaking after the long black legs they had coated. It had faded long before he'd recognized signs of pack activity, but he still felt dirty. It was time once again to shack up, at least for the winter. There was no use in struggling through this white hell by himself. Cancer began investigating the scents, attempting to gauge how big the pack was. Not very, he soon determined, which wasn't ideal. He preferred larger numbers, as they were easier to become invisible in. His paws and stomach ached now, however. Worse came to worse, he supposed he would move on quicker than expected. It had happened plenty of times before.

So he squared up and sent out a howl, requesting an audience. The call echoed, then faded, and the silence of the season took over. Agitation was quick to set in. What a lazy bunch of...

'They're watching you.'

His ears twitched and swiveled, assisting his nose in trying to pinpoint where those eyes were that he knew he felt on him. Immediately this 'greeting' gave him a picture of who these wolves would turn out to be, and the leaving fast ending seemed more and more likely the one this visitation would be taking. Still, he waited, not about to be scared off by a bit of stalking around.

When the duo finally revealed themselves, he watched them each much in the same way they watched him. Were these the pack's guardians? Alpha and beta? It didn't much matter at the moment, only if they let him in would he need to know the ranks. One spoke, and his words were as curt as his demeanor. Were Cancer capable of self reflection, he might've realized that they came across much the way as he often did to others. As it was, only one word passed through his mind; dicks. Outwardly, he merely cocked a single wolfish brow and quietly stood his ground in answer.

They had just questioned his worth, and while Cancer didn't seek out strife, he'd always been hardpressed to turn down a challenge once presented with it. When they carried on, he didn't balk. They wanted him to hunt? Fine.

"Got it," he rasped, voice weak from disuse. It was all he would say before turning around and disappearing back into the wintry forest. Two hours later he would return, two limp ptarmigans swinging from his jaws. He tossed them into the snow, before him, and sent up another howl. Regardless of if they took it or left it, he felt accomplished enough.
He wasn't the talkative type, now was he? Askan was fine with that, he wasn't going to poke and prod and see if he revealed his life story. Actions spoke far louder than words and Askan wanted to see what he had to say, or rather what he intended to give. Sure enough, the loner returned to his border with a couple of plump birds, their plush white feathers stained with blood. Two was better than one, and fat birds were leagues better than skinny.

A slight smile tugged at the Selwyns lips, as he turned and with a flick of his tail beckoned him to follow. With his gruff, silent attitude Askan imagined he'd fit in just fine here. The more grumps they had in their ranks the better, or so he thought anyway.

"Come along, we'll show you the Shallows."

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