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1.. 2.. 3.. hush puppy! — Secluded Spring 
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for @Skookum

She did not make it far, secluded area tempted her further but her insecurity and sheltered mind seemed to be fighting for her motor controls. The dark child seemed to be frozen in mid stride showing the conflicted interests that she was feeling, where was her brother? Why had he left, was it that she was silent and he longed for someone to talk to him? Her mind seemed to wander, her frozen paw falling to the ground as she let her chocolate brown eyes roam. From the glittering snow to the looming mountains, after their mother had chased them off he had started to talk to her. Maybe she was not good enough for him? This weighed heavily on her mind.

With a quick and heavy sound exiting her lips, a sound to mimic a sigh, she pressed her nose to the winter-kissed vines. The ice cracked, a sound that caused her to halt her movement before she raced forward. Frost coated her midnight fur, making her look like a snow covered silver fox. A soft squeak came from her lips though a wince of pain followed this action, it was an involuntary sound as she looked around the ivory accented spring.

Just, wow. Pumpkin and olive eyes widened as she looked from the water to the snow covered trees, it was a much different sight than the place beyond the icicle vines. Her paws moved without thinking as she now looked down at the iced over water's edge, fish played and flinted under the protective layer. A smile came to her lips then as her placed a paw over the chilled ice, a fish came to greet her before quickly darting away as she shifted. She would have laughed had she the voice, instead a breathy sound came out from the excitement as she continued to play this new game.
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The dark girl watched the strange wolf and the way it reacted to it's surroundings. Tulip was intrigued by the creatures attitude, first, the other had showed what seemed to be fear and sadness, then joy. A breathy sound drew from Ora's lips as she moved across the ice. The scavenger wondered to what the child expected to reap from her actions, a fish? It was as if she was interacting with them. It was not like Tulip to freely and openly approach someone...but she felt drawn to Ora and her beautiful silence.

@Ora had seemingly admired their surroundings before whatever it was she was doing had begun. The yearling could understand such, the place was quite the eye candy. Tulip weaved through the trees, only stopping when she reached the frozen banks. She eyed her age mate with piercing yellow globes, fully expecting their gaze to meet. She felt no need for words yet. The child carefully set a paw onto the cold thick ice. Surely if the other wolf was on it, she could be too. Slowly the night-girl approached with shaky legs and nervous breath.

Tulip had never walked on ice before, and it was no shocker when she wound up sprawled across the ice with an "oof". She looked at the girl's face, expecting laughter, but for some reason...she was not expecting teeth. She was not afraid. Perhaps it was because she had found someone her size...something about her age mate seemed...tender? Innocent? The Day girl felt an odd sense of safe, which led her to believe she was finally driven delusional with hunger. This must be her maker, the deception of death. Surely she was mesmerized, whisked away from safety by her imagination. The girl before her could not be real, the ice would break, her mind had brought her to the end of her suffering. Accepting the fate she assumed true Tulip was in no hurry to rise back onto her paws and fall to an icy death.

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