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Into the Willows — Drooping Willows 
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It turned out that these Jessie and Drestig characters were the boy’s parents. She looked to Leotie quizzically, wondering how it was that she knew these wolves. However, it didn’t seem that she had to wait long to find out. It was interesting information that was handed out by the agouti woman and Addy realized just how much she didn’t know about her. She’d been gone a while and now that she was back and there were even more wolves joining their ranks she needed to step up her game and get to know them. After all, she did want to lead the Ridge one day.

Her amber-yellow gaze turned back to Gale, her stance patient as he described his sibling. Black and white with spots. She put this information into the back of her mind for safe keeping along with the name, Sphinx. It was certainly...unique. Silva seemed better, but who was she to judge? Auds swiveled back to catch the sound of approaching back, attention averting to see who it was that was coming. Her smile widened a little to see Ravenna joining them, her tailing giving a little extra swish. However, it seemed like her presence had startled their new friend once more and she felt a little bad. Certainly it had to have taken guts for him to come to their borders so far from home, but she supposed she’d do the same if Rom had gone missing. Then again, how could she say that when she wasn’t out doing that much for her mother?

She shook her head as Leotie deflected to them, a soft apologetic look on her features. Sorry, Gale, I haven’t seen any wolf of that description. But if @Ravenna hasn’t seen her that doesn’t mean we won’t keep an eye out for her! The more paws the better, right? she said, looking to the Ridge alphaess to see if she had seen the girl and if she agreed with her half question half statement.

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Ravenna would listen ever carefully as a child spoke going on to mention what the wolf looked like who he was trying to find... Black and white, speckles on her face. There was not too many patchy black and white wolves she knew of, savor Enoki and Romanov so she was sure if she saw this young wolf, she would know. Frowning at Adeltra looked to her hopefully, Ravenna shook her head to the young wolf at her borders. "I'm sorry, I've not seen her." She took a sniff, taking note that the wolf at her borders smelt like no other pack around this area, not of the same southern lands. It would have been a shame to have traveled so far to be handed no information in return. Ether way, Adeltra was right and diplomatic a always, saying that ether way now there would be more eyes looking for her. "But now that we know of her, we can keep an eye out and send her your way if we find her." She spoke, insuring the wolf that the pack would lend a paw if his sister happened upon their path in the South.