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The Macieo Family
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The Macieo Family

The Macieo family has a long history steming from a band of wanderers. This is likely where they acquire their "itchy paws". More recently they can be said to begin with Caelyn Macieo who grew up as a wanderer like the rest of his name. While moving from one territory to another he came across a white female by the name of Lonaa who belonged to a reservation. Lonaa did, indeed, hail from a pack but this pack chose to live alongside animals called humans. They worked together to hunt and care for each other in a truce, something very rarely seen among animals. Some might call them domesticated but in truth they were still encouraged to keep their feral sides intact. Macieo was so taken with Lonaa that he, for the first time in many generations, set aside his wandering lifestyle to settle down. It was in their 3rd year of life that Lonaa and Macieo had their first litter.

Notable Facts

  • Macieo's pelts usually contain browns, whites, silvers and creams. Black may show up occasionally as an accent
  • Their eyes range from brown to blue to silver. Heterochromia is known to show up from generation to generation   
  • Illnesses such as hip displasia, blindness and kidney failure run in their line but is not common
  • Macieo's are known for their wandering paws but if they are to be 'tied down' they show incredible loyalty and passionate toward those they care for
  • Common roles for this family are healers, teachers, and guardians
  • They are typically lawful

*note that any Macieos that are not linked onsite are up for adoption until they reach the age of 7. Please message Adeltra if you are interested!Also, if you would like to make a Macieo of your own feel free to ask about that!*
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The First Generation of Macieos

The ones who started it all

Caelyn Macieo

Info here


Info here

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The Second Generation of Macieos

The children of Lonaa and Caelyn

The First Litter(2012)

Ooljee Macieo

Ooljee Macieo is the oldest Macieo child, born first in a litter of 4 on May 8th, 2012. He takes after his father in coloring, the only one of his litter to do so. He grew into a strong build, broad and built for power like his sire. He is on the larger side on medium. However, in personality he takes more after their mother. Quite serious most of the time Ooljee finds it hard to decipher between sarcasmn and truth. He is not quite brooding but the first thing someone might notice about him is that he gives off a strong, intimidating presence. He inherited his father's protectiveness, stepping headlong into the role of 'big brother' and promising to protect his sibling. Despite his first glance demeanor he can be  softy toward those he cares about, alebeit they get past his awkward exterior first. Each of the pups took their 3rd sibling's death hard, blaming themselves in different ways and Ooljee blamed himself for not being strong enough. After they were chased off the reservation Ooljee found himself alone, wandering until he met Paisley Reid. They had their first litter of 2 pups in 2016.

Veho Macieo

Veho is a sturdy wolf, wide across the shoulders and haunches. He's not a particularly lithe wolf, instead built for stamina, and the ability to pace himself for days. Thick muscles are blanketed by a gentle layer of fat, providing him with the strength he needs to carry onwards. The stocky wolf is a fairly common shade of grey, littered with a silver undercoat and darker guard hairs. His ears are darker, mottled with grey and brown. Perhaps most noticeable are his eyes, an incredibly light shade of silver. They are very pale, and almost eerie in that sense. A very lawful character, Veho upholds his personality standards to the best of his abilities. There is very little in the world that could convince him to stray from these morals. He seeks to protect the weak, care for the young, and honor the elders. Strong-willed, the wolf will settle for nothing less than justice and the righteous path. He is a crusader for his cause, a one-knight army, and considers his honor to be his most valuable treasure and will protect it with his life. Having lost someone he was supposed to protect so young in his life, Veho vows to never again let this happen – even if it means becoming a bit smothering or insufferable. He's often unaware of how unrealistic some of his goals might be, or how critical he may be of others. Veho is prone to becoming moody and unpredictable if he overextends himself and fails the goals he's set from himself. He is often driven onwards by his guilt, and his self-esteem often hinges on how others view and interact with him. While he is a genuine, caring individual, he feels inadequate and tends to shy away from public exposure and opinion, often fearing he will come up wanting. Now that he's taken up with Rook, this is only magnified. He seems to be unable to keep partners around, and while Oula has made her return, some part of Veho is waiting for the hurt in his heart to return.

Neha Macieo

Neha Macieo was the third born to Lonaa and Caelyn. She was always physically frail from the time of her birth to the time of her death, born with renal dysplasia(misshapen kidneys) her health was always poor. Because of this she was very skinny, though if she had been born healthy her and Namid could have been twins. Despite her ailment she was always upbeat, trying to keep her family happy by making jokes and keeping their spirits up. Anyone she came into contact with was left better for it, but despite that her disease took her life just after turning a year old. This impacted the entire family greatly, each blaming themselves in one way or another.

Namid Macieo Vuesain

Namid is the first Macieo to venture into Relic Lore. She is an average built canine. Her head reaches about hip high to a human and she has a medium length pelt. She has a mostly silvercoat, though mixed artfully into it is varying shades of darker grey, creams, and whites. Over her maw is a white mask and while her left eye is a rich chocolate brown her right eye is a glacial blue. Namid is a sweet, caring, fairly down to earth wolf. She loves to help in any way that she can, and loves to spread her knowledge. She has an exceptional mothering personality, but with that means that she can also be very protective. It takes quite a bit to get this woman riled up, and when you have you are going to sorely regret it. After Namid left the reservation she wandered into Relic Lore where she quickly met Rook Lyall. The pair became close in their travels to search for his home Grizzly Hollow and eventually settled in Whisper Caverns due to it's close proximity to the Cedarwood Forest. However, they were not to be as a blizzard swept through the land while Namid was out hunting causing her to get lost. In the white world she managed to make her way up the Mountain of Dire where she fell down an overhanging snow drift basically right into the waiting arms of Vespertio Vuesain. From there they became mates and in the spring of 2015 they welcomed their first litter into the world. The pair went on to have another litter in the spring of 2016 before Namid left in August of 2017 to search for her missing children.

The Second Litter(2016)

Atsila Macieo

Atsila is the first born between her and her twin sister on June 12th 2016. She is built tall and willowy with a sharpe angular face and large rounded ears. Her pelt takes it's earthy tones from her father, cloaked in browns, whites, creams, greys and black as an accent. Out of her face peers a pair of icy silver eyes. Her name means fire and one could say she was definitely appropriately named. Atsila is a spitfire, bold and brave with her curiosity and an explorer at heart. She isn't afriad of where her whims take her, craving to explore as much land as she can. She takes what she wants, sturdy in her endeavors and will not take no for an answer.

Awinita Macieo

Awinita is the second born of her litter and the last born of Caelyn and Lonaa. She is built the same as her twin sister, however instead of a pair of icy eyes she bears two warm, 'doe' brown ones. Awinita's name means fawn and she lives up to that as much as her sister lives up to hers. Everything about Awinita is innocent and gentle, calming in a sort of way. She's a listener, loving to hear her father's stories but not much of a talker due to her introversion. She took after her mother and older brother in their study of herblore, finding it fascinating and perfect for her. Under her mother she had become almost an expert in the field.

Relative by Mateship

Vespertio Vuesain(mate to Namid)

Born to his parents Ciphris Vuesain and Exona Thierry, whom had been blessed with a large litter consisting of Baryn and Keena, Cedric and Marrok, Valfred and himself, he happened to be born the runt acquiring a more medium size from his Great Plains heritage. This difference in size between the siblings caused little Vesper to be hazed for it and always found himself being the prime target for whatever pranks they would come up with. He is a devilishly handsome male, though, that sports an equally handsome pelt. The majority of his fur is a soft shade of cream and beige while his back, tail and majority of his face mask consist of black tipped guard hairs aside from some red points along his muzzle and ears. He also has a set of eyes that border along the lines of a liquid golden yellow in coloration. Eventually, the youngest Vuesain was forced out of the pack where he later came to find the pack Fallen Tree Cove alongside his ex-lover Athena Moon. He led for several years, Athena leaving and Namid stepping up to the plate. Vespertio stepped down to go search for his children with his wife.

Rook Lyall(mate to Veho)

Rook at a distance looks like any other Great Plains wolf with an array of black, gray, tan and russet hues. When seen up close, the most distinctive characteristic he has is the dark mask that wraps around the front of his face. A prominent dark line also runs down from the top of his head down to the bridge of his muzzle (in the winter, his pelt thickens to make it seem like the dark line broadens into a wide rectangle that "adds" to his "mask-like" markings, a defining trait of a Lyall) and two gray downward-pointed triangles are distinct features beneath each of his eyes. His irises, truth be told, make him unique among his siblings, the right being gold and the left being blue, which is a trait inherited by chance from his mother Jaysyek. If one looks closely, a thin white line snakes down his muzzle and forks into two trails; one ends before his nose, the other continues down towards his left nostril where it's healed up as tan/pink scar tissue - these're the marks of a poor attempt to defend himself from a wily fox (or so he says...). Atop his head are two round, russet, almost bear-like ears. His overall frame is stocky with sturdy limbs and a barrel-like chest. Each of his four limbs are white. His muzzle has a number of long black whiskers on each side and his full, plume-like tail is tipped in black. Rook is a developing Lawful Good character, just as his strict and traditional upbringing has required of him. He could be described as saintly, but is more than often likened to a battle-ready crusader. He respects his elders and his superiors, honors his family, and has vowed to protect his pack or the pack he allies himself with. He hates to lie and is actually terrible at it; and, he believes that no individual should be subject to unfairness or undeserved punishment. On the other hand, he will always conduct himself by the morals he was raised to keep and adhere himself to pack laws.

Oula Whitebark(partner to Veho)

Oula has a rather compact appearance for her size given her shorter limbs and tail, along with her rounded face and smallish brown ears. Her plush coat is soft in both texture and color, made up of standard markings in hues of grey and cream along her upper half, and pristine white on her underside. Oula's angled eyes are an unremarkable grey-green. Once a proud and unflappable warrior, the harsh realities of life have stripped Oula of everything she held dear, taking with it her internal flame. What's left is little more than a husk of her former self. Confidence torn away to leave a deep pit of self loathing, though Oula still holds herself above others and keeps everyone to nearly impossible standards. Long bouts of despondency are barely covered up by a churlish attitude, often giving way to anger when she loses what little patience she has left. Oula maintains a strong will, and is difficult to dissuade once she has a goal in mind.

Paisley Reid Macieo(mate to Ooljee)

Paisley is a woman of small build, broad and stocky. Her pelt is based with stark black, russet and cream mixing along her body with white meeting her muzzle. Her eyes are pale orange in color making her look like quite the enticing character. She is known to be very strong willed and resiliant but with a heart of gold. She is a charming creature, needing to be to be able to pull Ooljee out of his awkward shell like she does. Despite her charm she finds it hard to relate to pups and thus becomes awkward around them.

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The Third Generation of Macieos

The children of Namid, Veho and Ooljee and the first generation to be born larely onsite.

Namid and Vespertio's First Litter(2015)

Neha Vuesain

Blending the two lineages of her parents, Neha borrows a pale agouti pattern from her mother, while from her sire, she retains muted tawny hues throughout her coat. Like her mother, she is on the smaller side of medium in size. Her almost petite frame lends itself well to speed and agility. Her eyes take on a warm chocolate brown color, always full of life and emotion. Neha, while she may look like her mother, is far different in personality. She can be described as a spitfire; blatantly truthful, though usually for the best intentions, sarcastic, energetic, and highly inquisitive. She is the princess of the pack, and despite her highly active nature she has been known to grow on others. It is rare that she is ever intentionally mean, but when she's riled up she comes at you like a whip. Slightly demanding, she has her mother's thirst for knowledge. She will ask any question and every question that comes to her mind and it sticks to her mind like glue. Despite her small appearance, she is known to be able to hold her own. She is closest with her brother, Cernan.

Aleister Vuesain

Taking after his father the second born child is just as devilishly handsome as the sire who fathered him. Adorned with a darker form of the traditional agouti pelt coloration, splashes of cream line parts of his chest and coat his entire limbs. On his head is a dark mask with whited out lips and lower cheeks. At first glance, Aleister comes across as dainty and demure compared to his rambunctious brother, Cernan, but deep within the borrowed pools of his parents eyes to form a mismatched pair of his own consisting of gold and blue, there is a certain calculating gleam. Watch him for a while and you’ll notice he’s often dominating his taller brother with impressive moves while rough-housing. Aleister is described as nomadic, intelligent, brooding, noble, greedy, and protective. Aleister disappeared sometime in early 2016 and has since been roaming to and from lore.

Cernan Vuesain

As a youngster, it was evident that Cernan is the largest of the pups. He is considered to be a bit of a 'chunk' and earns himself more baby fat than the rest of his siblings. Now that he is mostly grown he takes full advantage of the great plains wolf side of his heritage, growing larger and bulkier than even his father. This build makes him the perfect guardian. His base coloration remains the same beige cream hue, but the grays that scatter along his pelt have darkened and broadened their spectrum, moving from his tail up his back to form a 'saddle' at the base of his ruff. Burnt orange is now mixed in along the mesh of agouti fur, remaining to take over his ears and parts of his face. The fur has grown very plush and thick; and is much softer than that of an average wolf. He carries the same grey mask as he did as a young pup, but instead it has meshed with the white that forms to cover his jaws. His coloration is in between that of his parents; not too light like his mother but not too dark like his father. Cernan is described as patient/reasonable, protective/loyal, fragile/introverted, respectful/chivalrous and firm/brave. Cernan disappeared in early 2017 and has not been heard from since.

Namid and Vespertio's Second Litter(2016)

Ismena Vuesain

Though an oddity at first glance, Ismena is actually a rather mesmerizing wolf. Blessed with eyes likened to her mothers, the fae claims irises that differentiate in color. The left being a wonderful bright yellow, whist the right a hazel-like blue, though she wasn't graced with the best eyesight out of the latter. Baring a dark agouti pelt, her overall look comes together quite nicely. She'll grow to be on the smaller side of large, and remain rather lean throughout her life. Ismena will start off as a rather outspoken pup who likes to get herself into trouble. She'll enjoy adventuring and treasure hunting for anything foreign and cool the earth has to offer her, and she'll even be a little hesitant to go through with commands that might interfere with her partaking in such acts. Though it won't take long for her to grow out of it, and she'll eventually find herself quieting and being more adamant with obeying the rules. She'll always be somewhat stern with her youngest sister, Lunette. However; that's only because she loves her! Ismena wants to see her youngest sister prosper too, even if it means she's gotta give her the extra push. The fae will quickly learn that family is the most important thing to her, and she'll be reluctant to ever leave their side as she grows older. Ismena disappeared in late 2016 and has not been heard from since.

Lunette Vuesain

Lunette is a dainty, graceful girl, with a coat of the finest silver. A pale, off-white tone marks her lips, ears, eyes, chest, and belly. Her eyes are expressive, and a rich chocolate brown in hue. She is described as anxious, cautious, curious, kind, shy, skittish, and unforgiving. Lunette is currently one of two out of the 5 children of Namid and Vespertio still onsite.

Veho and Oula's Litter(2016)

Joan Macieo

A very handsome girl, Joan takes much more after the Macieo line. Her base is silver, with many shades of darker grey littered across her pelt. With pale moonlit eyes just like her father, this girl is the picture of monochromatic splendor.

Felix Macieo

As he grows, Felix is a gangly tangle of limbs. He is not thickset like either of his parents; though he is large, and tall, that is where his size ends. Otherwise, the boy is light for his height, favoring speed and agility over power and strength. A lowered tail and flat ears often give him a smaller appearance, despite his thick, silver coat. His mismatched eyes come from the Macieo lineage, though he wears one sage from his mother, and one silver from his father.Felix Macieo is much more soft-spoken than either of his sisters, Joan and Ophelia. Certainly, he takes after his father in that regard, often speaking before he thinks, even as a child. The boy is ruled by his curiosity about the world around him. It's not that he means to be distracted or disrespectful of rules, simply that he wishes to understand how things work, and often forgets about instructions or others during his quest for understanding. In particular, he seems to like collecting and counting as a young boy, organizing things by shape or size, color or number. There's no particular reason behind it, other than that he likes it, it makes him happy.Beyond his brainy tendencies, Felix is a very sweet, well-meaning wolf. He has a high ability to empathize, and will often go out of his way to solve problems for friends (and perhaps even strangers). An inability to solve a problem frustrates him, but this upset is dealt with internally. He would never want to take it out on someone else. 

Ophelia Macieo

Unfortunately, childbirth is not always a bed of roses, and poor Ophelia struggled a bit to make it to the waking world. While she is ultimately fine in health, it shows in her small, delicate size. No matter how she is fed, she will always remain a bit birdlike, and much smaller than her siblings (even awkward Felix). That being said, she has a certain, ladylike beauty with her slender face and white coat, littered with grey and silver lowlights across her back. She has beautiful green eyes, much like a peridot gem. Ophelia is a delicate and charming social butterfly that truly loves to be in the limelight. A little bit of an actress, she often can shift her demeanor and can usually get a good read on others. However, she has a big dramatic streak, and tends to make mountains out of molehills if only for the attention it gets her. Though she doesn’t mean to, she has a tendency to pit others against one another. Ophelia, after fighting another wolf, dies from her injuries. 

Ooljee and Paisley(2016)

Hudson Macieo

Harper is a stark contrast in pelt to most of his cousins, drawing from his mother's side of the family with a largely black pelt. However, the Macieo genes pull through to give him white threading through his chest and body and encasing his muzzle. Silver eyes peer out from his dark face. He is built strong and broad like his father in medium size.

Woya Macieo

Woya is a stark contrast to her sibling and unless you're told you might not even consider them relatives. She takes after her father's side of the family, body cloaked in a mostly white exterior you will find silvers, browns and creams weaving their way across her pelt. She sports a pair of pale brown eyes. She is built long and lithe and of small build. Her names means 'dove'.

Family By Heart, Not By Blood

Tomen Attaya-Lyall(adopted by Veho)

Tomen is of medium build taking largely after his mother's Attaya side of the family in appearance with a brown body and black mask. A pair of golden eyes peer out from his face. This boy is described as genuine, gentle, reliable, independent, and modest.

Relatives By Mateship

Draven Leigh(ex-mate to Neha)

Draven is mainly black-furred with streaks of brown and dark grey through his pelt. His eyes are a soft fern green in color though he mostly holds his gaze at the ground and one rarely gets a good glimpse of them. Eventually he will grow into a frame that barely passes as large but rather lean and long rather than bulky and compact. However, despite his lean frame Draven is very muscular beneath his thick raven pelt and is much stronger than he may initially appear. Draven has experienced a hefty shift in temperament since Minka's passing. Initially he dealt with the loss by developing an unhealthy amount of blame for himself and self hatred but has now turned the blame and anger upon Gent, it is doubtful he will ever truly forgive him though he is trying to move past this. However, while he does not usually display his temper when he does it is explosive and he will speak from his feelings without thinking about what it will cause. He is shy around strangers and in groups, and will neither approach nor speak to them unless a great deal of effort is made on the stranger's part to get him to open up. However once his trust has been gained Draven is an extremely loyal wolf. As he ages the dark male is growing into many of the traits his mother had stressed were important as a child, determined to make her proud. These include bu are not limited to pride, determination, loyalty and mostly earning what you have and working for what you want. One of his deepest fears is getting close to someone and then being abandoned as he faced so much of this as a child. He typically tries to hold others at an arms distance though he is polite when he speaks with them. Once he lets you in he will be terrified that you too will leave or he will cause the relationship to end and it is likely his personal relationships will bring him a lot of anxiety. Draven despises feeling like he is taking more than he is giving and has developed a strong work ethic, even if he mostly prefers to work alone.

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The Fourth Generation of Macieos

The Generation That Lives On

Neha and Draven(2017)

Sachiel Leigh

A blend of both of his parents, Sachiel is adorned with a darker agouti colouration. His underbelly, along with his legs, remains creamy in colour while his back, face and tail rival his father's dark pelt. His fur is mostly made up of an array of browns and grays, ranging in hues. He will grow to be thinner and lankier in appearance, more built for speed as opposed to strength. His most compelling feature is his eyes, for the right is a brilliant topaz and the left is a stunning gold. He is loyal to a fault and would do anything for both his parents and his pack. While he is energetic and outgoing Sachiel will also succumb to his parents’ rules for he does not want to cross them. It is hard to gain his trust, for he fears he will be let down. Due to his photographic memory, he is unable to forgive those who have either let him down or crossed him. This makes it difficult for Sachiel to make friends, as he wants to see the best in those he encounters, but is unsure of whether they are trustworthy. Being competitive and unable to forgive, Sachiel can also be a sore loser—holding a grudge much longer than necessary due to him losing. He has a case of the wandering paws, but with his memory, he can never get lost. This means he is also not afraid of testing his limits with his parents. His stubbornness may get him into trouble in the future, as he is not fond of being wrong—or accused of being wrong. He is the first grandchild of Namid.