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Murder is a potion of love — The Wildwood 
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OOC: Mature for Language and violence and overall dark theme.
Scene for @Fiagira
@Paschal is mentioned vaguely.
@Corsair is mentioned vaguely.
@Tulip (Eden mentioned)

Backdated to 6th of Jan.


Garmir laid close to his friend, his form half curled around her with his head heavily resting above her shoulder, their shared warmth radiating from their bodies as the earthen male watched the first rays of morning sun appear on horizon. There was silence in the air, so absolute silence that one could have thought time itself had frozen to this one terrifying moment. He had promised to kill her come morning and there was so little time left between them before they would have set their weapons at eachother.

They had talked much, shared stories of their adventures while separated and even returned back to view memories of the old times when they both were still training under guidance of the greater pack, back when everything was still fine. She told him how he had went ahead of her, missing a sign she had left for him to find and thus arrhiving in relic lore before she had. In a way, Fiagira had to begin tracking Garmir in turn whom was pushing forward so fast she could not catch up with him - not until he stopped at the Charred Ash Draw. If only had he slowed down or stopped, the two would have met earlier. Such was the irony.

They talked about the greater pack, or rather their experiences there like two old comrades. Garmir was careful to avoid topics that might bring them to argument and thus they did not discuss about idological differences they had. She was a rebel where he was a loyalist, that much was clear, but despite it - it felt so good to be able to talk to her again. He had missed her, deeply.

They spoke briefly of their old mentor, Eden, whom especially Garmir worked under through most of his late training. Eden was one of the few wolves both could agree missing, even if he could be harsh at the times. Garmir told of his attempt to join Secret Woodlands pack and how he had surprisingly met @Paschal there. He also told her how he rescued @Corsair from being mauled by bear and finally, after nearly starving himself to death how he ended up in Charred Ash Draw.

They could talk about most things normally, share the night and just enjoy being close to one another like they so often had done in secret. Time was however running fast and as their final peaceful moment was nearing end, Garmir felt like they had just settled down. He saw the sun rising, his poison green eyes shining as he stared, hoping that she would bring one more topic, just one more story for them to talk about before he would have to try and kill her. "I will regret ever falling in love with you... But Im happy for the moments we shared with one another. If I make it to the end, I will hold your memory in a cacoon and only open it in my most private moments... when I want to be happy."
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She had wished that night would never end, that the sun would never rise over the horizon and they could spend their lives like this for the rest if their lives. The den she had been using since she arrived was a tight fit, a place that could barely fit the two of them but ahe did not mind. Their bodies touched at every point, their breath warmed each other's faces as they recalled their times in the Greater Pack. She could feel his higher than normal heart rate, she could feel the trembled of his weakened frame.

At times she would cease her talking, her two toned eyes would watch him as he spoke. She would do what she did every night they met in secret, watching his motions and ticks but then she allowed herself to do another thing she always did. Her tongue appeared every now and then as she reached out and kissed his face, every now and then she would clean him and lean again st him after she was done. Most if the night she was not looking at his face but simply listened to his voice as she rested her head and body against him. She would him softly but not loud enough to hear, just so that it would be like a purring sensation against his fur like she did so long ago. It both called him and herself after their mat he's and competitions, now she wished this would last forever.

At some point she had fallen asleep, it was the sun trhat caused her to realize this. Just as he had woken up at the first sign if light, her golden eye opened to take it in. A story came to mind but she could not bare to speak when his own words broke the silence. If he was the one to make it out alive he would cherish her his private moments, she knew he would cry if there was no one around. She would too.

"I will never regret our relationship, I will never regret that I fell in love with you. I cherish the moments we stole, the touches we secretly shared. You are my only love, tender toes, and I wished you could have been my mate. " She spoke softly, not wanting to move.
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Tender toes. Garör hated that name, though loved it at the same time. His seriousness disappeared from his face for a moment, the earthen male letting out held back chuckle. "Please don't call me that... butt pain." Garmir reached over her shoulder to give her long, tender lick across her scarred eye - the very mark he had once given her during their more violent practice sessions. This would be no different - he tried to assure himself - only the ending would change.

Garmir placed his head above her's so that her muzzle was pressing against his throat. He let out deep sigh, idly brushing his maw between her ears and trying to think of ways to delay this moment for a little while longer. ".. we would have made quite a pair. This feels so wrong, even when it is the right thing to do. Please, if you kill me first, know that I feel no animosity towards you. Never have."

Garmir snarled. It felt phyiscally painful to rip himself away from her, but he forced himself to stand. Emotions erupted within him, but he suffocated and buried all of them one by one, wrestling away his doupts and reminding himself who he was and where his true loyalty must always lie. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths, standing tall as he composed himself again before her eyes. Nothing would convince him away from his task. They had brainwashed him well.

When he finally opened his eyes once more, his stern, almost lifeless gaze burrowed into her eyes. There was sadness, anger within him, although his hatred was not nesseserily directed at her. If one looked close enough into his green tinted mirrors, one could imaigne fire behind them. Garmir's fire had been fading long enough, but now it burnt bright and pure. He was with the greater pack and Garör was nowhere to be found. With a voice that came surprisingly easy for him despite the cirumstances, he announced. "I have to kill you now. Im sorry.."

He took few steps backwards, giving her room to stand while observing her reactions and movements. His head lowered slightly, legs parted just a bit, his tail curled higher above him and his ears stood erect as he waited. He would give her fair chance to defend herself. Garmir had fought against no other wolf as often as he had with her. He knew her every move, just as she knew his, making this fight a real... nightmare. He waited calmly, giving her as much time as she needed to compose herself in turn. He wanted to see her at her best.. one last time.
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Please don't call me that... butt pain. The soft tone caused her to chuckle sadly, her golden eye closing as he touched her. She did not say another word, instead she brushed her nose against his throat. If she were a cruel woman she could end this right now, if she were a still the assassin of the king, this was what her training was for. Lure the target, subdue the target, make said target let their guard down then strike. Target Eliminated. She would not do this now, she had killed this was before. It was in her training, something she never spoke of to another soul and not just because she was told not to. They had to see how pure her stupid fire was, the boy did not deserve his death but she had to do it or she would have died then. Maybe that would have been better than to love and be cherished, maybe the man before her would not have to follow the cause and try to kill her but maybe this would have happened anyway. Just.. not with her.

He spoke one last time before he put on his mask, about how he would not feel animosity towards her if she were the one to kill him rather than the other way around but she did not respond. Her own mental shutdown was already in progress, she allowed him to violently get away from her but she did not struggle. She did not falter but picked herself up once more. She did not think of where her loyalties might lay, she did not think of anything but her anger for the Greater Pack and how sick and twisted they had become. What was once a good and pure cause, a plan to eliminate famine and war, changed and morphed into something that made children murder helpless children. Claiming it was for the greater good, that the Elite were necessary and pure.

Power hungry, twisted, and cowardly King.

Her defenses went up simultaneously, not acting in dominance like her opponent had. Her tail tail tucked so that it could not be used against her, so that her backside was covered. Her eyes narrowed as she allowed the robin blue one to join in on this game, her legs were spaced just right. She moved her neck and shoulders to the point that grabbing on to something vital would be tricky, her ears pinned against her skull to keep them safe. No emotion seemed to penetrate her mask as she looked at Garmir, she simply waited. She never made the first move, he knew this and if he did not act they would stand here until dusk. A growl rumbled in her throat as she spoke one last time in a voice that gave nothing away but annoyance, something to play with his emotions.

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OOC: Tired post tired post.

She waited for him. She always did but this time waiting wasn't going to help her. If she thought he would not attack her, she'd be wrong. His eyes remained on her form, briefly roaming over her defences and the way she stood. Garmir no longer had his usual advatange of mass on his side, the earthen male actually thinner and ligther than she was this time. He lowered his head even further to prevent access to his throat, while tensing his shoulders and putting his claws firmly against the ground. He made no threatening growls or snarl more than to bare his weapons, showing he had no passion or emotions motivating him in this duel.

Suddenly his muscles tensed as he burst into action, launching himself forward directly at her, careful to keep his own head low enough as he charged. Garmir assumed role of aggressor, fully intending to keep her on defensive despite he was now lighter of the two, aiming to strike to the side of her face while bringing himself dangerously close. His aim was to force her to backpedal unless she chose to violently meet him head on, hoping to crack her defence enough to land a critical blow. This was no training and as Garmir bit, he reserved nothing.

Even when his focus was on offensive, he did not forget to keep his own guard up, knowing that all it took for her to finish him off in instant was that single moment where he would grant her opening. So many of their previous duels had ended absurdly to her gaining what would be fatal hold of him, despite Garmir dominating her through almost entire match. He had learned to guard against many of her signature moves, but one mistake was all it took. His focus especially remained on keeping his neck and throat safe, trying to keep his head lower than her's at all times even when he struck her...
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It was noit that she did not think he would attack her, she knew just how pure is fire was. She knew how deeply the Greater Pack could indoctrinate a child into believing that this sick and twisted cause was just and for the greater good. It was ridiculous, cruel, and disgusting to the assassin. Her growl still rumbled in her wide chest, the word hung with an added annoyance to toy with his already wild emotions. She waited because she liked to see how her opponent might advance, so she could find the weakness in their armor.

Her dual colored eyes watched as his muscle tensed, she opened her mouth and bared her teeth. She opened her mouth to cause it harder to get to her throat, as well as lowering her skull. He came close but she barely moved, her front paws moved and aimed to throw snow and mud into his face. She also shifted, allowing his teeth to find purchase on her shoulder. If her temporary blinding landed she would shift again, tearing at her skin but she did not help on pain. Not a sound game as her growl died, her teeth aimed to connect with his back as best as she could. Passing down as hard as she could to make him collapse.
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Of course, Garmir had expected her move as soon as he saw her react and thus managed to turn his head aside just enough to avoid being completely blinded by her, but in turn ruining his own attack. His jaws snapped at her little too late, gaining no proper hold of her flesh, with bit of fur being all that remained in his jaws as she rapidly passed him and suddenly sharp pain landed on his back. He was frustratingly slow.

Garmir refused to fall despite her his caused piercing pain in his lower back. His legs buckled slightly, but he managed to stay upright, now himself turning his jaws at her, still able to land precision strikes. His gaping mouth dawn drawn towards her hind leg near spot where it connected to her underbelly, a softer spot of flesh and nerves. He targeted there specifically because he knew it would cause pain and as Garmir commited himself to the fight, he pushed himself towards her while trying to get his backside out of her jaw's reach.

He should have not commited to fight this closely especially taking into account that she was now heavier than him but he counted on his aggressive style of combat, willing to accept certain level of pain in order to land grippling blows. He had to slow her down if he wanted to win. She was always faster than him.

As adrenaline kicked proper, Garmir begin to notice how time felt like it was slowing down. He could even feel the wet and warm feeling of his blood coming from his wound on his back. He could see snow swirling and he could hear his own heart beating. His eyes felt more focused and as he struck on her, he found himself staring at her particular fur pattern, almost counting individual hairs of her pelt. This felt so wrong..
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