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sing me a melody — Larkcall Lowlands 
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Wild Rye Fields II. Subordinate
Adelayde Artemieva
Just barely outside the borders of WRF (within a few yards) || AW backdated to 01/10 || Partly Cloudy -25° F; 10 mph wind

Sea blue eyes fluttered opened as the first rays of light filtered into the den, an exaggerated yawn escaped her maw as she stretched out her long limps in the empty den. @Laike had taken off earlier that morning to cover her duties and try to continue the search for @Sphinx. She had briefly awoke when he stirred, snuggling closer to him as he stayed for a while longer with her before he planted a gentle kiss upon her crown and took his leave from their shared den. The newlywed fell asleep quickly after her husband's departure, though her sleep was rather light and easily disturbed. After a few minutes of trying to sleep in, Ade abandoned her attempts and decided to take on her day off.

Heading to her and Laike's personal cache, she took a rabbit that she caught a few days before and quenched the mild hunger the tawny woman had that morning. The Artemieva had promised she would take it easy, so the Rye second took a stroll around the southern borders where the tree cover was heavy, easily blocking the harsh wind that ravished through the tundra. Humming a song her mother taught her, she weaved in and out of the trees, her mind wandering. Her singing slowly replaced her humming after a few minutes, her voice graceful and soft as she receded the song her mother had taught her a few years ago. Ade was in her own world, trying to escape the realities that plagued her real one. 

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