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A debt to be repaid
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Everything has its price

Crossing the treacherous mountains that surround Torbine is no easy feat, even less so when you are heavily pregnant with little more than bedtime stories to lead your way and time running out before your brood is due to arrive. This was the situation Morganna found herself facing as she chanced upon a reclusive pack that had itself secreted away in one of the narrow mountain valleys. The wolves that dwelled there were different, silent, reclusive, distrusting. Were it not for the tell-tale scent of medicinal herbs left in their wake, they may have been mistaken for mirages for the way they seemingly appeared against the stony landscape before vanishing in the blink of an eye.

But, we all know full well that Morganna Archer doesn't shy away from a challenge. Managing to corner two young wolves, she made them a proposition. If they would show her and her companions the way, she would make it worth their time. While no official deal was brokered, the men joined her travelling band, selling themselves as a healer and a guardian at the borders of Torbine and earning themselves a temporary place as members of Morganna's entourage. They quickly established themselves as teachers of her children, and while the others eventually drifted off to pursue their own interests with other teachers on offer, Jayseden favoured them and their methods.

Enter Kagehide and Muramasa. 
The poison master and the assassin.

All debts have to be repaid.

I reserve the right to reclaim the account if it remains inactive for one full activity check.
Adopted by Vet
From the Shadows Master of Poisons

Hailing from a narrow valley in the mountains surrounding Torbine, this reclusive wolf has been known to work closely with the empire's guardians. He is well versed in all manner of plants, particularly those that prove to cause more harm than help.

The Blade Master Assassin

Muramasa is a quiet wolf who often introduces himself as a guardian, though he is rarely found upon the borders. He has a habit of disappearing the moment you take your eyes off him, often leaving you wondering whether he was ever really there or not.

These characters have a lot of room for interpretation and you are also welcome to change their appearance if you have another in mind. 

Why has he made the journey to Relic Lore? Does he consider his debt with Morganna to be settled, or is he here in search of his apprentice to continue his training? These wolves will know Morganna, Renier, Celandine, Maeve, Kara, Odin, and Morganna's latest litter. They will be particularly close to Jayseden, whom they almost exclusively tutored during his time in Torbine.

If you are interested in either of these wolves, please PM Morganna with any plot ideas, expansions on their personalities and a 200+ word RP sample.

  • You sensed that she was slippery when you met her, but two (or three) can play that game. What did you have in mind when Morganna said she would make it worth your time to help her, and how do you intend to take your payment?
  • When Morganna told you she was leaving, you decided to take a detour. Where did you go and what did you do while you were there?
(I will probably think of more but I've lost heaps to kids screaming and I just want to get this posted before I lose the whole post).
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