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Shallows Edge
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character name. idris
how long has your character been in relic lore. a few days
post prompt. following this thread
Over the course of a few hours, Idris suffered a lot of humility as he struggled to catch something of value. Seeing as he was rather driven to make use of himself, this was the most important thing he had on his plate that required his attention. Askan had requested that he find something of value to put into the caches of the Edge so here he was, bringing a very small looking rabbit to them. Idris had doubled back a little bit to try and follow Askan's scent north towards the pack, so it was a little easier of a trip without worrying about being led off the trail. Once the smell of ownership crossed he stopped, took a single step back to drop his catch before calling eagerly for Askan, or someone able to assist him. Though, if he were honest, he preferred Askan since he had already spoken to him about joining. With a flicker of his ears and a clearing of his throat, he waited and felt quite hopeful that this would be as fun as he hoped it would be. Idris wanted something that could start him on a decent path here. His next goal to figure out if there was anyone left alive here that knew his father, at least.

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Sure enough the loner, or rather Idris, showed his face at the border with a rabbit hanging limp between his jaws. It wasn't the most impressive of gifts but small or not rabbits weren't the easiest things to catch. Besides, it was the effort that counted.  If anything it showed that the kid could take instructions and follow them through without a hitch. In time he hoped that Idris would make a fine addition to the pack, but there was no way to know. All he could do was give him a bit of snappy guidance if need be.

"Come on in." Askan told him with a flick of his tail. "I'll show you about, bring the rabbit with you."

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