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Lenka Rejoin
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OOC: Flywolf
Other Chars: Tagg, Anaia, Tikhi
Stats: Same

Lenka glanced up at the rising sun and sighed. She’d been up all night, trying to find her way home, but she felt like she’d only managed to get herself more lost. She hadn’t been gone long; maybe a little over a week, but it was enough. The pack scent had all but faded from her pelt, and she felt more alone than ever.
She’d only wanted to impress Askan, to get to know the area beyond the territory a bit better. She didn’t think she would get lost – she wasn’t going that far – but she hadn’t planned on slipping and falling in the river either. She wasn’t sure how far she’d been carried, but it must have been further than she thought.
Her original plan was to follow the water back to the territory, but she’d been forced to leave it to find food, and in the darkness she’d gotten turned around and lost her way. That was four nights ago.
The girl knew she was getting close to the borders again; the territory was starting to look familiar. She wasn’t sure Askan would let her back in, however, and the fear of being turned away gnawed at her belly every day she was gone. Each sunrise marked a decrease in the chances she would be welcomed back.