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Wild Rye Fields
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Character Name: Anwen Amdir
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? Nearly two weeks.
Post Prompt Response:
Meeting Chimera had probably been the high point in her life thus far. Being far from home with no company to keep had been a little hard, but somehow having the boy from the Fields had made her life in the wilderness so much easier. When he happened to make his way out towards the borders, they scavenged the fields together for frozen mice and old kill sites of others who had come through the Lowlands. They wandered as far as Chimera dared in the snow, then made a loop around when it was time for him to go home. Best of all, she thought, was that all this time since they've been together, he told her stories. They imagined play spaces where they weren't themselves and, sometimes, they entertained the future - with or without one another (but, for the most part, they were together).

So, when Anwen finally mustered up the courage to ask if she could stay one evening on their way back to the edges of the Fields, Chimera was all too happy to oblige. In fact, he had left her there, his red-touched tail waving about in the air as he raced out of sight in search of his parents; and, when he returned, there they were...

The girl gave a gracious and submissive bow. She figured Chimera had a lot to say, in attempt to pull her into their tight-knit family, but when she was prompted, she responded, "Loyalty is what Amdirs are made of. You have my aid and esteem through the winter... through the spring and into the summer and through the winter evermore." She gave a smile to the boy who waited in the distance, "I... also made a vow some time ago to help Chimera in his quests; I hope you'll honor that, too."
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