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Driftwood Surge
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Character Name: Emrys Myrddin
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? Like 2 years
Post Prompt Response:

With some persuading he and Lachesis had finally managed to talk Jynx into taking some time to rest. Emrys didn't know if they would return to their search for their children or of they would try to make a new home for themselves. Lachesis had been kind enough to offer them a place to stay until they had their strength back up and Emrys had accepted followed by his wife.

The former leader remembered when he had been new to the lore and the pale leader had offered him a place within his pack. At the time it had been Hearthwood but the name and location had changed. He hoped for his wife's sake that she could feel at home there. Even though they didn't have their children with them. The mountain still needed to be checked and once he and Jynx had recovered some maybe they would scale it but for now he was content to follow Lachesis back to his home with his wife to a place where they could rest and regroup.
Character Name: Jynx Myrddin
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? 2013
Post Prompt Response: Along with the combined persuasion of Lachesis and Emrys, Jynx has finally come around with some common sense. But it was not without much resistance, stubbornness and arguing with her mate. With her old friend present and kind enough to offer the pair a place to rest in his new home, she accepted the invitation. She was no longer a pack wolf and in the middle of winter, it was senseless to be going it alone with only Emrys at her side. Even more foolish was running herself into the ground as she had been, with intentions of turning towards the mountain next. Already, she could feel the burn and cramping of her muscles from fatigue, the result of traveling for days without rest.

With Lachesis's invitation accepted, she was no doubt looking forward to rekindling her friendship with the ghostly male. And forging new relationships with wolves she may have known from her time in Hearthwood, and others, completely new. Driftwood Surge sounded promising. Like a fresh start that not only Lachesis and Hearthwood had needed, but her and Emrys as well. As she accompanied the males back, away from the Fjord and towards Turtleback Lake, her thoughts were with her children. How they were faring, where they could be and if she'd ever see them again. When her eyes landed on the pale back of her friend, she had mixed feelings. Sure, she was elated about their reunion. But this transition into a new life in his pack, with him as Leader, reminded her of how she had failed. Had failed the Notch. Had failed Gent, who had entrusted it to her and Emrys. They had given it their best, but fell short. Proof enough that in her own eyes that she was never cut out for such a job. In the coming weeks Jynx knew she would be faced with the daunting task of attempting to piece together back her sense of pride.
Accepted! ♡
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