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.... ooc name:WildOne
.... current characters:Tulip and Nia
.... how you found us: An advertisement
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): Speed: 75 Strength and stamina: 125
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Today had already been slightly overwhelming for the girl with their previous social encounter, not that it was bad. The girl was just struggling to understand her new environment. It was so complex and different, yet at the same time, it was simple and better. Tulip listened to the call with confusion, she didn't know the voice. While she surely wouldn't know everyone's voices to heart yet, the young girl had listened to them in the main den occasionally. This one she did not know, and that was for sure. Perhaps her alpha did.
Moonshadow only mildly disappointed the girl when she pointed towards the howl. Tulip could go for another meeting she supposed, but she had felt the earlier one was enough. The yearling already struggled with talking, and oddly enough at times she seemed expected to. Nevertheless she was an obedient child and followed the ebony woman to the boarders hoping she wouldn't be doing any talking. Now this was odd for sure. A stranger. A small lump formed in the girl's throat as her belly churned, she look to Moon as if to say she had a bad feeling. And boy the girl did. She didn't know why, but instantly she did not like this silver stranger. While Tulip was not one to distinguish her likes and dislikes very well, she felt strongly about this. Perhaps it was her coat, it was lighter like Grevious's but not the same. While Tulip acknowledged the other alpha's presence, she assumed him too busy with the task at hand for a formal greeting.
and finally a bit about your character...Cas is a young wolf discovering the world and learning his own place within it. He is flirty and mischievous, a carefree soul with selfish intentions.