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Backdated to January 30th @Niles @Morganna

Nellie stood at the borders in a particularly good mood, her pale gaze flashing towards her new traveling companion.. or.. cousin as it happens. Macha was kind of an unexpected delivery, but a delivery nonetheless. It also didn't hurt that her sibling's familiar scents were mingling about here and there. She'd find them later, and give them a piece of her mind, but for now, she simply smirked. "Yer want ter do th' 'onors?" This was it. Her journey would finally meet it's end, and she would find herself home.... Hopefully.

There she would wait, alongside Macha, for her mother, or whomever else to answer.

As they arrived Macha searched for the familiar scent of her father. It took a minute to detect, but nevertheless it was there mingling with other, more foreign scents. She wondered if he would be surprised to see her, or if word of her arrival had somehow managed to fall upon his ears already. She couldn't be mad if that were the case, after all it did take the fae quite a while to actually make her appearance. The Archer then sniffed momentarily for any other scents that might jog her memory, however it would seem as if none of her siblings have yet decided to settle down with their dear ol' papa.

"Huh? Oh, sure... I mean, of course!" The fae answered her newest companion, trying her best to snap back to reality. Hesitantly, Macha tilted her muzzle upward and released a call to her new superiors to let them know that they had arrived. This was it, huh? The young Archer hadn't known anything outside of her old Coven's pack life, were they at all similar or was she in for a shock? Perhaps only time would tell, though she'd be better for not forgetting that her true intentions weren't to permanently settle down. She needed a following, and she needed to observe the differences, if any, between the ruling styles here in this pack so that when she did one day have a pack to call her own, she'd be able to properly run the damn thing.

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