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ana, lance, & reiko!
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I'd love to offer up Vaken! He's currently in whisper marsh, but I can move him more east towards AH if you'd like a thread between him and Lance. He's surprisingly good with pups, so it might be fun to have the two bond. I am not sure what kind of plot lines we can have, but I am definitely open to ideas. I'm a little all over with where I want Vaken to end up, pack-wise, but I am definitely interested in him eventually earning a mentor/teacher role. It might be fun to have a plot with Lance, where Vaken offers to teach him the scamp-lifestyle.

If you'd prefer to have him thread with Reiko too, since he's also in the area, we can do that.
currently travelling with Circe (she can jump in any of his threads)
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So we could try a Reiko/Lilith thread? Maybe she could help him find purpose?

Wish I had someone to throw at Anastasia but my only bachelor is at the Heights :P
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are you with me through it all?
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