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Welcome New Staff
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Welcome New Staff

At the end of January, we put out an application seeking new staff members. The RoW community responded in spectacular fashion and we've had a tough time wading through all of the applications. We'd like to thank everybody who applied and encourage everyone who was interested in a leadership role to continue to contribute to the site's development by weighing in on member discussions and making suggestions.

We would also like to thank Ace for her long and valuable service. She's been a moderator for a long time and has been a champion in making sure the LP requests were done on time and dead threads were cleared away appropriately. You will be missed, Ace!

And without further ado, we would like to welcome Becca (@Kerberos), Arla (@Lachesis), and (back) Ghost (@Aponi). Congratulations and we're looking forward to working with you. :)

We'd also like to remind everyone that Breeding Season is just around the corner and we will be making an announcement with this year's process and rules soon.
Congratulations Becca, Arla, and Ghost!! Well deserved!
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Mighty good! Welcome new staff members and thank you quadruble times Ace ^^ <3
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All my characters are available for spree anytime with anyone. Just poke in slack or send PM!
Congrats Becca, Arla, and Ghost! I know you’ll all do amazing!!!
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Congrats you three! Well deserved indeed! <3
Congrats guys! This year is gonna be GREAT! We'll miss you lots, Ace!
It was great working with everyone! I'm sorry to have to step down as real life requires more time from me, but I am so excited to see what the new trio get up to. <3 Congrats you three!
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