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Finding what is lost
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Lets go find our legacy

Yeah, so Neo Hervok the second son of Danica Lieris is now in Relic lore the land of his ancestors looking for different things and perhaps even more. He was brought up in a mix of lies and half-truths, and is not always fully aware of how the world actually works nore that not all wolves are good.

What he is looking for
The grandchild of Nina and Koda he was brought up to believe that he and his siblings were the rightful heirs to Secret Woodlands as Nina, their grandmother had been wrong in not handing the pack to her daughter Danica. He also believes that he will be welcomed into this pack, his real home with open arms. Off curse, this all means he got no idea that the pack is no more
  • He is looking for Wolves, who can point him in the direction of Secret Woodlands
  • Wolves who can tell him more about the pack, both good and evil
  • And possibly someone to inform him that Secret woodlands is no more

So the actual history of his past and family is a clouded mess of half-truths and sweetened stories. He knows nothing of Koda and Iophas betrayal of Secret woodlands, Danica's insanity, Nina's death or any of the other stuff which has happened to his family. As far as he knows his grandmother is alive and ruling Secret woodlands, though he does believe his mother is dead. And he is dying to know more about the truths and the lies.
  • He is looking for wolves, who knew Nina and who can possibly inform him of her death and burial site.
  • Wolves who knew Danica, and who knew the truth about her insanity.
  • Other wolves of the Hervok line, or wolves who are otherwise related to him.

Separated from his twin sister he has come to the lore to look for her, he knows her well and believes he was wrong in not following her when she was kicked out of the pack who had taken them in for the winter. His worst fear is to lose her and the current worst-case scenario in his head is to find her dead.
  • Wolves who have met or seen Nia and can possibly help him find her.

Young and inexperienced he needs to learn how the world works and how to properly take care of himself. He needs someone to knock his head through a tree and tell him he needs to learn how to fight and someone to laugh in his face when he for the 100th time scars off his prey buy wagging his tail in excitement
  • People to teach him basic stuff such as hunting and fighting.
  • People to try and make him realize he is a pup/yearling traveling in the death of winter and needs help to get through it.
  • A possible pack once everything he plans falls apart.

He is on his way and he ain't planning to go back. He is looking for a needle and a haystack or a forest-dwelling pack in a wast land with a lot of forests. And the road can get really lonesome when you seek someone you hold dear.
  • A traveling budy or two
  • Friends
  • Enemies
  • Anything you can think of!

Also his twin sister Nia is also walking the territories of Relic Lore go cheek out her plotter! "Finding Secret Woodlands and more"

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Also Cas is open for threads if he continues North.
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If he comes nears the Lowlands, I can offer you Adelayde!
@Adelayde Sure he can wander a bit up there once he gets across the serpents pass :3

@Casanova Sure! once he gets up there i love a thread!