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It's time I checked in — Mountain of Dire 
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When you’re ready.

He didn’t know if he’d ever be ready to talk about what had happened. What he saw. But he appreciated her words nonetheless. He just didn’t know if he planned on following through with them. Not just with her, but with everyone. Aside from Adeltra—maybe. Cyril had spoken to her first, after all. Even before his mother. Despite their relatively fresh friendship, Cyril felt as though he’d known the charcoal Archer his entire life. They had clicked as soon as they had entered each other’s lives. They had been near inseparable during her time in the north, making it even more difficult that there was now distance between them. At least they were close enough to visit—much closer than they would have been if Cyril still lived in the lowlands.

Again, he nodded before stepping away from the older agouti. It was time he sought out the solitude she’d interrupted. Unless, of course, Cheedo had something else to say. Then the boy was all ears.

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She didn't know if he would ever come and talk to her but she hoped that one day he would find someone he could. She also hoped that one day they could go exploring again, she missed doing that with him. She was also aware that he was getting older and starting his life and maybe he didn't want that anymore in favor of other things. It's was a part of life and she knew that had her children lived she may have had to let them go so they could make their own lives. She wanted nothing but the best for Cyril and would always be there for him.

As he stepped away from her she could at least be glad they she had been able to share something important to her with him. “I will see you back at the Tarn,” she told him, “I think I might do some hunting.” With that she turned and left the boy to his thoughts.


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