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; the dogma of herbal remedies
  • sola dosis facit venenum: the dose makes the poison
    "All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not a poison." - Paracelsus
  • nullam aquam fellis: running water carries no poison
    “Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness” - John Wesley
  • laeti corde, sanus cor meum: happy heart, healthy heart
    "The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love." - Hubert Humphrey
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; topicals
  • Aloe-Lavender Burn Balm
    - combine 1 sprig of lavender with 1 medium-sized aloe leaf with enough saliva or water to produce a thick, viscous balm that is readily spread over wounds
    - prepares 1-5 doses depending on wound size
    - reapply as needed to sooth burns and reduce potential for scarring
    - easy to prepare
    - must be made anew every 3 days if unused
  • Sage Gargle
    - mix 1 mouthful of dried, crushed sagebrush with 2 swallows of water to alleviate mouth sores and pain/itch associated with sore throats
    - may cause GI upset if swallowed, spit out
    - repeat treatment 3 times daily until symptoms resolve
  • Lavendar Scar Salve
    - 1 nibble of well pulverized beeswax, 4 nibbles of well pulverized lavendar hyssop flowers, and 1 swallow of honey
    - **make apprentices fetch the honey and beeswax, be prepared to treat them from upset stomach (they always eat more honey than they bring back)**
    - apply to new scars to prevent them from becoming tough
    - apply to old scars to help soften their appearance
    - coat affected area 1-3 times daily
  • wip
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; dietary
  • Willow Bark Decoction
    - 3 nibbles of crushed willow bark combined with 1 nibble of finely pulverized ginger root (rare ingredient) and 3 swallows of water mixed well, may add bee's honey to mask bitter taste if so inclined
    - treats fever and pain associated with flu-like symptoms
    - makes 1 dose
    - repeat up to 4 times daily
  • Healing Heart Tonic
    - 2 nibbles of any species of dried wild rose petals crushed, 2 nibbles of dried hawthorn berries, 2 nibbles of lavendar hyssop flowers, and 1 swallows of water
    - treats grief, anxiety, and depression
    - very fragrant tonic, brings a sense of calm and peace, promotes emotional transcendence, and allows the mind to relax
    - makes 1 dose
    - only once daily
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; how to pick your poison

; cultivating and harvesting
  • method of action
    - it is vital to understand how a specific toxin works to better protect against it when harvesting
    - do not attempt without specific knowledge on how it works
    - be prepared to counteract on the chance of accidental ingestion
  • silt
    - the use of silt has been passed down from all great poison masters
    - to obtain, find an area of shallow, smoothly flowing water
    - grab a mouthful of the muck just beneath the surface and allow water to sift between teeth
    - this will provide a barrier between the toxin and mucous membranes to help prevent absorption

; application
  • water source
    - infecting a water source can be a difficult task, but incredibly effective and disastrous with successful attempts
    - must not be running water: toxins are not as likely to remain in target area and can have widespread effects that are unforseen
  • caches
    - can be targeted towards individuals but may inadvertently affect cache thieves
    - evidence of cache tampering is usually evident
  • planted/gifted prey
    - unless an entire pack is affected, the assassin is most often revealed and then required to move on lest a pack seek vengeance
    - can be geared towards an individual
    - if entire carcass is consumed, unlikely to be discovered

; the sweet escape
  • concoction for the humane passing of a terminal patient
    - cowbane root with mountain spiraea pods, honey, and/or rose petals for taste with a small swallow of water
    - due to the highly toxic nature of this concoction, only skilled individuals should be involved in making it
    - this sweet tasting mixture will result in unconsciousness followed closely by death; the entire process takes less than fifteen minutes
    - once a patient has fallen unconscious, there is nothing to be done to save an individual - therefore it is vital to ensure the patient understands this is a final medicine to end all pain and there will be no waking from it
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