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.... ooc name: Melorama
.... current characters: Nevrakis
.... how you found us: I've been here for a long time now
.... your character's initial physique life points: Could you please add 54 stamina, 45 strength, and 1 speed to his physique LP? It is currently at when he was a yearling :)
.... a roleplay sample: (From Nevrakis)

Caught up in his desperate struggles to get free, the yearling did not hear the strangers initial concerned remark about him. Instead, he only realized the other was there when he spoke a second time, at which Nevrakis jumped to his feet with an exclamation of surprise. Upon registering that the voice belonged to another wolf, who looked friendly enough to warrant not running away from, he let his bristled fur lay flat along his spine with a chagrined look. He splayed his ears apologetically to the side, letting his rump once more make contact with the snowy ground.

"Sorry about that, heh, I didn't know you were there." Nevrakis then took note of the other wolf; he looked a little rough around the edges, and it seemed as if he had recently been in a scrap with someone. However, not being one to pry too much, the yearling decided not to ask about it. "The name's Nevrakis," he said with a much more happy grin, wheat yellow eyes meeting Olwen's much softer brown eyes. After a moment the yearling glanced around at the snowy landscape which was devoid of pretty much everything except for the small shrub-like trees dotted here and there. "What brings you 'round here?" He asked curiously.

and finally a bit about your character... Cas has finally returned to the lore after many years and is searching to rekindle relationships with his family.

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Sachiel has photographic memory and associates moods/emotions with colours
NOTE! Sachiel can usually be found hanging out with Hawthorne
which means she could appear in any thread with him!
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ps —  he hates the colour orange