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Pookastone Scowle
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Character Name: Castiel Archer Lyall
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He had travelled a long way without rest, not sure if what he was looking for would still be there. It had been years... would his family even recognise him? Would they remember him? Castiel frowned, brows creasing as he stopped a good distance away from a pack border. What if his family had moved on, and no longer lived among the willows that he had missed so dearly? Plonking his rear onto the snowy ground, the rugged male tilted his head back and called out for one of the leaders in tired tones. There was not just a heaviness to his step from the weeks of constant movement, but also in his heart. For so long he had pushed down his own desires and wants, and now that he had the freedom to do as he pleased, he had no idea what he wanted. It was exhausting.

When a darkly-furred wolf appeared, whom Castiel assumed to be the leader, he waited patiently for them to address him. As the moments passed he quickly realised that was not about to happen anytime soon. He opened his maw to speak, but paused, his pale gold eyes widening in disbelief. "... Morganna?" He said with a gasp. Morganna was not a wolf that was easily forgotten, and for the first time in a long time, he felt... happy. The rugged male clambered to his feet, tail waving hesitantly behind him, a half smile appearing on his maw, before it swiftly dropped away into a look of shame. "I'm so sorry, he whispered, tail and head drooping down low. "I'm sorry for disappearing. I... I went searching for Torbine on my own like an idiot and got lost..." Castiel let out a shuddering exhale, fully aware that he was not acting like a proper guardian should, but he did not care. He was finally home, that is, if Morganna would take him back. "If you let me stay, I promise I'll never leave again. I'll do my best to look out for our family, if you'll have me." His fate rested with Morganna now, but he was hopeful that she would allow him just one more chance to do the right thing.
The leader smirked, then tilted her head with a sigh, "I found it jus' fine." It was a tease as she lunged forward to embrace her brother with an affectionate rumble. "An' o'course yer welcome... there's... some news, but we'll get ter tha' after yer fed'n rested. Ravenna an' Sven are runnin' th' Willow's now, be sure ter mind yer manners if yer go ter visit."

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