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.... ooc name: Jacqueline
.... current characters: Lorcán
.... how you found us: Favourites
.... your character's initial physique life points: Speed: 90, Stamina: 125, Strength: 110
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Quote:Lorcan had distanced himself from the main den, where the pack tended to mingle and rest during the late hours, and had slipped away into the trees which enclosed the territory. In the shadows, hidden beneath the draping branches of the willows, the lean male loped his way westward in search of a quiet clearing. Earlier that evening he had noticed the faint flashes of green, red and purple in the sky and, recognising it to be skyfire, had planned to enjoy the rare display of colour later on his own.

The event conjured a number of memories for the healer, and as he caught a glimpse of the lights dancing upon the snow up ahead, his mind began to journey back to his time at the monadnock. Charcoal lips pulled into a soft smile as he snaked his way out from beneath the cover of the trees and stepped out into a clear area of untouched snow, his golden eyes finally able to look up at the interrupted view of the night sky.

The agouti male recalled the moment when he had first witnessed the skyfire and how magical he had found it. The colours had almost appeared in the shape of a wolf. Saradathia had told him how the skyfire was believed to be a good omen, with its presence promising the return warmer weather, and with it, Spring. Lorcan grit his teeth together ominously at the thought, and shuffled on his paws before shifting down into a sit.

Gazing back up at the sky, Lorcan tried to focus back on the colours which flickered against the black sky, but another memory soon caused an ache inside his chest as he thought back to Piety. Their late night talks, star-gazing atop the plateau, were something that the male missed. He had felt a closeness, and an understanding, then which he was unsure if would ever feel with anybody else. Even she had said that he had amazed her, right before she had admitted to mating with Wraith. Lorcan huffed into the cold night air as he fought back the bitter taste in his mouth, before his heart suddenly sank in light of her recent loss.

Lorcan shook his head sharply and thumped his tail against the snow in a show of frustration and guilt, before he melted down slowly to lay in the snow with a defeated sigh. Perhaps some company right now wouldn't have been so bad after all...

and finally a bit about your character... She's not as innocent as she looks