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Lachesis "XIX" Stark
if this works as a fade for you @Rory we can archive this here?
once you've completed a hunt thread with @Alvar you can post a new thread with him attempting to join once more :)

He could not promise that he would accept the tawny male into his ranks once he returned to the Surge, regardless of whether he had completed Lachesis’ task or not. Hunting was easy—a basic instinct of all wolves. The ghost did not know if the strange wolf was the right fit for Driftwood, or if there was even any room for him to join their ranks. Caelean and Mathéo had a handful of weeks before they would be welcomed into the adult ranks following their first birthdays. Their positions in the pack were more important to Lachesis than some stranger. But, the dark agouti could surprise the ghost.

His chartreuse gaze narrowed as he watched Alvar turn on his heels and run off into the trees. At least he was eager to began his task. A heavy sigh exhaled from deep within his chest as he turned to his ivory companion. Her apology was swift as it tumbled off her tongue, but Lachesis was quick to dismiss it with a sharp flick of his tail. No need to apologize, Rory, he responded, his tone much softer than it had been with Alvar. You were trying to help. He, uh, does seem determined but I’m not sure if he’s a good fit for Driftwood. Maybe too determined. A soft frown graced his features as he lifted his gaze to where the tawny male’s shape had disappeared. We shall see. He shrugged before pressing his nose to her cheek, an indication for the girl to follow him back into Driftwood.

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