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Driftwood Surge
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Character Name: Odysseia Immorta
How long has your character been in Relic Lore? Just short of a month
Post Prompt Response @Lachesis @Lilya

She been wandering again, spring burning through her body but keeping her on her feet. The memory of the encounter still weeing on her and the lust for wander she had once felt, the love for the life of a lone wolf was withering under her paws. She never felt like this, she never felt like this. So tired, in a way which wasn't physical. Sure life as a lone wolf had been hard but she enjoyed it. But after finally coming to the decision and losing her family once again. Oh well, she wasn't sure what to do.

The scent in the air drew her closer, brought her off her thinking path of no was and towards the scent which was familiar. It was Sana's scent, or her packs scent. It was sweet to her nose, or the memory of her friend made it sweet. She had missed the company of the black youth even more since the loss of her family. Her dear friend, and sadly it appeared to be her only friend. She justs stood there staring across the wall of scents for a while. Thinking, wondering, and feeling spring rage under her fur.

When the white man appeared and the spider explained her wish to join he asked her a question. What could she offer? What could she a wolf who had always been on her own offer a pack? She would stand thoughtfully for a moment before answering his question. "I can offer your pack my knowledge of surviving, I been a lone wolf most of my life. I can hunt small game, defend myself, and I know weary basic wound care. I be happy to share my knowledge of surviving with anyone willing to listen" She replied bowing her head "Oh forgive me, My name is Odysseia Immorta"  
The ghost nodded softly in response to the silver female's answer, his chartreuse gazed narrowed as he observed her cautiously. While he did not doubt that the Surge had enough members to take care of the upcoming litter, Lachesis couldn't help but worry with the disappearance of both André and Lekalta. "If you disappear there is no coming back," he responded, his tone light as the warning dived off his tongue. "Welcome to Driftwood," he added as he flicked his nose over his shoulder, beckoning her over the borders, "let me give you a tour."

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