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Felix Maceio
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.... ooc name: Ace
.... current characters: Reyes, Kyna Archer, Namir & Matheo Tainn
.... how you found us: ???
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): I think he needs adult stats?  So +25 to speed, stamina, strength.  
....a role play sample (200+ words):

Kyna’s skin was crawling.

It had nothing to do with the stranger, not exactly – but the spring season was upon them, bringing with it the excruciating heat.  But this time, she did not have Greer with her.  Even if she did, it wouldn’t matter.  There was no time for that sort of thing while Revon was missing.  What business did she have making more if she couldn’t keep the one she had safe?

It ate at her.  Gnawed at her guts.  Her lustrous coat had faded some, and her curves had been whittled away in the weeks since Greer left to retrieve Revon from Pookastone Scowle.  He should be back by now – he wasn’t.

A wolf called at her borders.  Hackles came up.  Tail curled high over her haunches.  She was beaten to the punch, but Pyriel was given a small nudge to his cheek – nothing more, Kyna had no interest in physical touch beyond those necessary, and flaming eyes bore into Garmir.

“Are you brave, or stupid?” she snapped, ears pressed flat against her skull.  A strange man had no right to be this close to her borders this time of year.  (What if he was the one who’d taken Revon?  What if he’d come to try his luck with Attica?)  “Speak now, or my guardian and I will have no problems pushing you further from these borders.”

Or off this mountain.

What a tempting thought.

and finally a bit about your character....
Veho and Felix are wandering back together.  Veho is not in the greatest shape -- Felix is very worried about his dad.