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.... ooc name: Rachel
.... current characters: Lekalta
.... how you found us: I used to co-own this place. <3 I loooves it.
.... your character's initial physique life points (Speed, Stamina, Strength): NA
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Quote:Her movements were languid – fluid, like the running river in her home. Her limp had almost disappeared completely, though on the more particularly cold days it became noticeable. Scar tissue still wound along her hind and limbs – the story of her mother’s death.. and if she was honest, the death of the old Lekalta. She had become introverted, choosing to not speak of the incident and had spent months healing.

But he could not hide forever, and so the honeyed she-wolf trailed outside of the territory, seeking not just solitude from her pack mates, but for something to be of use – perhaps to seek out the migrating herds, or to pull any information that could be of use to either Lachesis or Lilya.

She hadn’t expected to come upon another. She slowed her pace down as the wind changed its direction, offering the stranger’s scent to her. She came upon him shortly after, though she had not sought him out – and with a hesitant pause, she studied the male only a small distance from her. He was dark in coloration – though not as flawless as her sister’s coat. His eyes seemed duller as well – a gentle brown. They seemed kind, in nature – but Lekalta found herself cautious at any rate. Pausing, she considered what to do. She could stay and speak with him – when was the last time she had talked to anyone aside from her sister? Or.. she could slip away in to the darkness of the foliage – to remain hidden and out of sight.. something she excelled at quite nicely, these days.
and finally a bit about your character... Lekalta.. trekked a little too far from the Surge and is only now returning because Rachel sucks and has had every sickness imaginable after daughter started daycare.